The Dark Pact is Changing!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Prabdeep Bazaz, Jan 31, 2020.

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    Just finished trying this out.

    5 brethren, 8 levels each, 40 levels total.
    Dead: 4 (I had blessing of moor so this turned into a failed)
    Failed: 13
    Mutations: 6
    Possessed: 3

    One brethren became a possessed before any mutations. Two became a possessed after two mutations. The last got 2 mutations but never became a possessed.

    The rolls before each model was maxed on mutations is:
    Dead: 4
    Failed: 5
    Possessed: 1
    Mutation: 6
    All in all a solid improvement to the army. Now with blessing of Moor you are very likely to get a possessed. Also you are likely to get some mutations before possession. Due note that the army is still RNG crazy. Like the possessed you get are probably not that great. I got one with no mutations after 4 level ups. One with tail and daemon soul after using 7 levels. The final one was great with tentacle and claw... but used all 8 level ups. That plus the removal of possessed being able to use anything but consumables really hurts them. Possessed remain a weak henchman but at least now it's far less frustrating to get one. I do plan to continue to build the army and see where it goes.

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