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Yes, Null, you can stop asking! It's finally here! We're sorry it took so long, but well, its worth the wait - have a read of this release I posted on facebook to find out what else you'll get in this update!

We have some big treats and announcements for you today. The long awaited and anticipated Harvester update is now live. The Harvester is the most iconic unit piece in Year 0: Tactics and we believe the older model that we all know didn't do itself justice. With this in mind, our 3D artist has been working nonstop upgrading the Harvester with more polys, textures and animations, transforming it into the mothership of Tactics!
This isn't all we’re giving you today though. We’re also very excited to announce the implementation of a new ranking system which will make the game more competitive. Player titles have now been introduced ranging from some low level entry names such as Marauder to prestigious titles which demonstrate your battle capabilities and seasoned knowledge on the game, such as Warlord. Currently, 10 ranking titles exist and you can achieve these ranks in a range of different ways. These currently include:
The ranking title will appear before your personal name in the high scores table. Let’s see who can achieve the highest rank first!
Finally, there are some more tweaks and adjustments for the game. We've been focusing on performance and tutorial changes. The tutorial is now easier to understand and will give players a better insight into the game quicker. Additionally, we've made tweaks to farms as they will now award players with more resources. Players will also now find that their bases are significantly cheaper to repair after being pillaged in a raid.
Let us know what you think of these updates by visiting our forums.