The End of Death?

Ewan Lamont

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Hi guys, a new version of Necromunda is out!

In response to customer feedback, we are revamping the injury system.
The time spent out of injury will now be measured using a timer-based system rather than the turn-based system. Serious injuries will result in the ganger being out of action for a more significant time.

We initially thought sticking to the table-top system was cool, but after a nasty battle, too many players felt the game was deliberately trying to gouge them of money. Now you have the option of waiting to get guys back without having to pay a penny.

Enjoy trying out the new system. Let us know what you think of the changes down below.

See you in the Underhive.

Download the update below

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Firstly. I just want to mention how annoyed I am that your team have to defend against the label of pay-to-play. I've been apart of real pay-to-play games and they aren't much fun. Proper price gouging. I find this game to be one of the most balanced in regard to in-game spending and because of this it makes me want to spend money here out of appreciation. You can not spend and reasonably survive, or spend a little and keep your favourite gangers for longer. Or just go all out :).

The update. Whilst I was content paying favour for the occasional death revive and injury heal, the credits option to heal injuries is amazing. I find this more crucial than managing the very rare death event. Looking forward to now spending favour experimenting with the guild boons.

Love your work as usual, guys.