The Ithilmar sword...

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    You know exactly where this is going. We all had this moment we were just about to maul some random range-melee hybrid dude in the face, but said guy parries, 1/7 dmg. Ok. Another hit...parried 2/7 critical. Seems strange. Last strike... parried 0/7 critical. The next turn, he starts with his higher initiative, gets 4 crit, 5 and 8 crit through my armour and kills of my maul guy with 58 WS. The infamous ithilmar sword.


    It's too cheap for what it does. Too cheap. Initiative + 10 grants first move, Parry 52 when maxed, still full damage potential, even against 60+ armour. So over the top.

    I can see it nerfed in 2 ways: if it is supposed to be light = less kinetic energy, lowering the base damage (-10/-5).
    2nd option would be add enemy defence, like with the daggers (+15/+10).

    P.S.:parrying with lighter weapon is actually really hard, gives a lot of handshock (especially if said weapon has no hand guard), and you lose the bind, cuz you have little to no mass behind it.

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