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Thanks for joining us for that amazing match. I'm still blown away by Count Bletcher's breakaway goal in the closing seconds. Without a doubt, they are going to be a Team to watch.

In other news around the MHL, two new teams have signed up with the MHL. The Fiends of Slaanesh, are fresh from the Chaos Wastes, and I've already seen Fiend merchandise featuring their motto: "Pucker Up!" As for any talent they signed on, Coach Whispersilk isn't saying... but what can you expect from a Keeper of Secrets?

The other team, The Kemperbad Gryphons, have signed on Defenseman Hans Clawstrike to wear the Captain "C". "We signed on two other lads," Dwarf Coach Captain Thorrek mentioned in a press interview, yesterday. "I can't wait to see them lace up!" The pair he's referring to are Center Wilhelm Cooper, and Right Winger Klaus Brandywine. Both have shown promise in the minor leagues, although we'll see if they have what it takes to make it in the MHL.

Saving the best bit of news for last, the Commissoner purchased a new Zamboni. Now we'll be able to have two or three Periods a match. Many teams are excited about the prospect of finally getting a Zamboni for the important mat...

Oh, this just in... the Zamboni has been turned into a Chaos Spawn, with a hunger for ice. Kislevite trappers are now trying to lure the Spawn into a warehouse with snow cones.

Well, Zambonis come and go, but great matches like this stick around. Thanks for joining us, and once again, the final score is The Dyre Wolves-2, The Nuln Cannons-1... on this, your MHL Network.
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Team: Kemperbad Gryphons

Hans Clawstrike-Defenseman (Captain: C): Brigandine, Mace, Imperial Skull Shield

Wilhelm Cooper- Center (Marksma: A): Burgher Hat, Jerkin, Midden Knife, Long Bow

Klaus Brandywine- Right Wing: Padded Cowl, Shirt, Skull Splitter, Reikland Shield
Hey there sports fans, and welcome to another exciting MHL match. We're coming to you live from the Memorial Gardens, to bring you The Kemperbad Gryphons' MHL opener, as they try to get their first win against Reikland's Tyrell team.

Both sides are lacing up, so while we're waiting for the game to start, let's go over some rules unique to The MHL. First, Mordheim may be a tough place to live, but it's an impossible place to hold onto a Zamboni. So, we have to make do with one long Period. The difficulty of scratching together a living here also gives us The Hand You're Dealt Rule, meaning if you can only afford two Defensemen and a Goalie, that's your lot until the buzzer sounds.

Okay, it looks like the Gryphons are bringing their starting line-up onto the ice, so let's see who's playing:
Klaus Brandywine- Right Winger
Wilhelm Cooper(A)- Center
Hans Clawstrike (C)- Defenseman

And here come Reikland's Tyrell!
Deitri- Goal
Eric (A)- Defenseman
Johan(C)- Center

So, will The Gryphons soar through this, or will Tyrell pass their Terror Test and clip the rookies' wings. We'll find out after these messages, on this... your MHL Network...
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I might have to do this in bits and pieces, due to time constraints.

Also, is linking YouTube vids for home team themes okay?
They're getting ready for the first face-off of the match. This face-off is brought to you by Kujo Sports Equipment, official manufacturers of MHL sticks and pads. Kujo Sports Equipment... Bad Doggie.

And they drop the puck. Eric wins the Face off. Over to Johan. One-Timer... oh, off the pipes. Johan goes for the quick lead, but can't make it happen. This might be a bad sign for The Gryphons, a Goalie is always a good idea for a starting squad.

Clawstrike doesn't look too bothered though, as he grabs the puck. Into the Neutral Zone. Passes to Cooper. Over to Brandywine.... shot goes wide! Deitri recovers the puck. And he's going to hold onto it for the face-off.

They're setting in the face-off circle. Clawstrike wins the face-off. He's looking for an opening. Passes to Brandywine, and there's the delayed call against Johan. Brandywine shoots, and Deitri makes the glove save for the whistle.

Looks like it's going to be cross-checking. The important thing this early on, is discipline. They may have the advantage with their net being covered, but getting cocky and losing control will cost you matches. Let's see if Deitri can kill the penalty.

They're setting to go. Clawstrike.. passes to Brandywine.. One-Timer... Powerplay Goal! Deitri couldn't get his stick up in time, and the puck sailed past. There's still plenty of time to even the score up, as Tyrell goes back to full strength.

Gryphons win the face-off. Over to Brandywine, passes back to Cooper, but that's offsides, and the play's whistled dead.

Okay, face-off in the Neutral Zone. Tyrell wins the face-off. Eric shoots. Clawstrike dives in front of the puck! What a show by the Defenseman, sacrificing himself to prevent the One-All goal. Brandywine grabs the puck... Neutral Zone... Breakaway: Scores! The rookie from Kemperbad is on fire with his second career Goal in only his first night.

Things look grim for Tyrell, being two down and not much time left on the clock. Clawstrike is trying to get back on his feet; even with the pads, he's going to have a souvenir for a couple days.

Here we go. Gryphons get the puck. Passes to Cooper... shoots: Blocked! Brandywine with the rebound... again with the stick save! Deitri isn't letting another through... Brandywine again, glove save.

And there's the whistle. What a match! The Kemperbad Gryphons make a good showing in their first MHL match. Hopefully they celebrate by getting a Goalie, else the celly won't last long.

Now after the post match show, you'll be joining the Intentional Miscast League. The IML: You asked for it! As for now, we have to go. Thanks again for joining us, and again the Final Score: Tyrell-0, The Kemperbad Gryphons-2
* * * * *
Vs Tyrell (Victory: All Enemies Out of Action)

Points: Brandywine(2), Clawstrike(1)
Penalties: None
Extra Training: Brandywine(+1 Attack)
Merchandise: Shards(2), Cooper(Barbed Arrows)