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    This is an Eternal League, for players who want some a competitive experience in PVP, with some guidelines but not an environment as strict as a Tournament. As the League's creator, here are the rules I propose. I'm however open to discuss changes, and looking for a board of commissioners (me, plus at least two others). Volunteers welcome.
    1. Submit a Warband for Week #1
      • Post your entry in this thread, with informations in that order : Forum name, Discord name, Warband's name, Faction, Treasury, Shards, Rating. Warbands should be fresh and untrained (0/0 Shards) upon submission, although you can get some practice with your Warband (up to 50 Rating) before the first registered match.
      • In app, your Warband's name must begin with "MeLA" (for Marauders Eternal League, Altdorf). This tag is to avoid confusion on all side.
      • NO NEED FOR SCREENSHOT OR ROSTER. It's great if you can provide them, but no big deal if not. If you do attach a picture, do so as a thumbnail, please.
    2. You can register a Warband after Week #1:
      • Your Warband's Rating must respect that week's Range Limits (see below).
      • Follow the same procedures as above for registration.
    3. Changing Warband is possible:
      • You can only have one active Warband at a time in the League.
      • Before registering a new Warband, you have to permanently retire your currently active Warband (its Score will be saved in the Hall of Fame).
      • The new Warband must have a Rating lower than the Warband you're retiring.
      • Follow the same procedures as above for registration.
    4. Focus on intra-League PVP matches:
      • Only confirmed intra-League PVP matches can score Wins.
      • You can still play vs AI, but you're kind of missing the point of Organized Play.
      • Playing vs AI should be mainly used to unlock new maps, or farm Shards and Experience when you're behind the others and must catch up on Rating.
      • Don't whine and complain that the League is not fast enough for your Warband's progression in you farm vs AI. If you deeply want to play Mordheim but can't find an opponent, do so with another Warband.
    5. How to play registered PVP matches:
      • Registered Players and Warbands will be listed at the end of this post. Contact these Players on Discord, in #pvp, to set up a match with them.
      • The Player with the lowest Warband Rating (or Win%, for tie breaker) decides who will host the game.
      • Only games played until Victory/Defeat can be submitted in the Results thread.
      • Winner first posts in that week's Results thread : Who played and who won?
      • Loser must reply and quote the Winner's post to confirm.
      • Both Winner and Loser must also update their Score in their respective post : Wins, Losses, Win% (see below for formula), Rating and Last Activity.
      • Performance will not be determined by points, but by Win% (Wins divided by Games Played). To that end, Games Played is Wins + Losses, minimum of 10. This is to ensure a fresh Warband with 1 Win and 0 Loss doesn’t dominate the Leaderboard with a score of 100%. We’ll use Rating as tie breaker, if needed.
      • I would like to design a system by which an inactive Warband slowly loses Win% until it drops out of Leaderboard (although it could be saved in Hall of Fame if it was retired before going into inactivity). Maybe 1% per day after 30 days?
    6. Warband Rating Management:
      • Keep your Warband Rating within the weekly range limits if you want to score Wins for PVP matches. Pause on development if you go over, or farm vs AI if you're too low.
      • Week #1 has two different maximum :
        • 50, for the first registered PVP match (this is to prevent abuse from smart players who may want to min/max before it ever begins).
        • 100, for all other PVP matches, until the Week is over.
      • There is no minimum at the moment, but try to stay within 50% of the maximum.
      • The maximum will increase by +50 to +100 per week (to be decided by the board of commissioners).
    7. League's House Rules :
      • Unless noted otherwise, you can do whatever the app lets you do.
      • Hired Swords : You can't have more than one of each.
      • Fate : You can use Fate tokens for anything except Single Use Items (these are under investigation, if at all they are allowed in the League ; the commissioners will let you know in due time). Be careful with your Rating while spending Fate. If you bust the weekly maximum, too bad for you but you can't PVP for some time. And the League will do no particular effort to catch up with you because you have deeper pockets than others.
    8. Weekly update:
      • Each week (Monday to Sunday), a new thread shall be opened to host that week's results. Players can open that thread without a commissioner's help if they must post match results.
      • The weekly thread will also set the range limits for Rating. In case all commissioners are missing in action, assume +100 from the previous week.
      • Leaderboard will be updated and posted in that thread, too. Hopefully, keeping track won't be too difficult since players will be constantly updating their Score anytime they post their Results.
      • Players are encouraged (no obligation), to update/share their Roster weekly.
    9. Reprehensible behaviors:
      • Suspending or Banning a Player is last resort, but certain things must be clear.
      • Absolutely no Disconnections are allowed (rage quit). However, be understanding if a DC happens on Turn 1 (that's a server or distance issue) or if real life messed up with opponent's game time (he'll reach out to you on Discord if it happens).
      • Respect opponent and be polite. Haters will not be tolerated.
      • Severe abuse of the Rating system. I've seen 10+ levels spread in units of Warbands with the same number of Heroes and same low Rating of 60. Be warned that commissionners may suspend a Warband until its Rating is true to its real power level.
    10. Future Divisions of The Marauders Eternal League:
      • If ever I'm not there to open new divisions, here's what I have in mind at this time...
      • A new Division will be created as soon as the maximum Warband Rating of the latest Division gets above 500 (or 1000). This means that no Warband under 250 (or 500) can join the Division.
      • You may think that 500 is not so high and that we'll have to create a new Division every month. But as players come and go, we may eventually have to close old Divisions, or merge some. Also, the Rating progression may not be as fast as you think it will be. If Players farm a lot vs AI, it will push Rating high very fast. But if players mostly do PVP with their registered Warband, it will be a slow but very rewarding experience to develop a team to high levels. Even dedicated players may not be able to play more than 10 registered PVP games per week.
      • Each new Division should be in alphabetical order. We've started with Altdorf. The next one may be Bogenhafen, etc.
    REGISTERED PLAYERS/WARBANDS (last update: Jan-24-2019).
    (Forum/Discord - Warband - Faction - Treasury, Shards, Rating)
    1. Cyberaddict/Cyberaddict - The Ratapampams - Skaven - 8 golds, 0/0 Shards, 44 Rating.
    2. ...
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    Update :
    1. Removed requirement for screenshot on submission.
    2. Now possible to join the League after Week #1.
    3. Changing Warband rules.
    4. Changes to Rating's range.
    5. Added bad behaviors.
    6. Revised weekly update section.
    7. Done editing the opening post.
    8. Oups... Added future Leagues.
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    I changed the Points system for Win%. It will be far more easier to keep track of. See #5, the last 2 dots. Also, I changed reference to Points, to Wins. And Score to Win%.
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    Edit OP :
    -Prefix for Warband name changed to MeLA. Somehow, if it’s all caps, offensive contact gets detected...
    -Added precisions in item #1 about the 50 Rating limit before first match.

    Also, I just want to note and point out that I am deeply certain people will not play in this League the way they are playing their Warband right now. The goal isn’t anymore Shards or Rating, but Win%. This is what will get a Player to the top of the Leaderboard. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Warbands with 200 rating start retiring to the Hall of Fame when they reach 15-0 (remember that a DC isn’t a Victory). Such a score will be near impossible to beat, and breaking that winning streak is a risk many won't try.

    Of course, we may see Warbands with 1000+ Rating in this League, and 100 or more Games Played. But with a Win% far under 100%, as the more you play, the more chances you have to eventually lose. These will be beasts, but not top of the Leaderboard, and certainly not Hall of Fame material.

    And a team that starts with a 0-5 losing streak may well retire so the Player may start a new Warband that may not be as unlucky as the first one...

    I may be proven otherwise, but my experience in Bloodbowl tells me the above scenarios are the most probable.

    My 2 cents.
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    Oh. I forgot to register my own Warband...

    Cyberaddict, Cyberaddict, The Ratapampams, Skaven, 8 GCs, 0/0 Shards, 44 Rating.
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    Two things :
    1- Some of you told in private that you wanted to register for the League. Please, don't wait for others to join before you do so yourself. At this rate, no one will register for fear of being alone in the League with me, and League will fail. I don't mind starting the League with at least 4 players to begin with. Chances are, if we're active, more people will join us later.
    2- If you don’t intend on registering for the League, and read this message, please tell me in this thread what should be done to make you register, if at all you’re interested in Organized Play.
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    I'll join. I just haven't decided which warband I want to play yet. But a couple of questions:

    1) Why are we focusing on win % instead of points? A concern is as you mentioned above, someone starts of with a 5-0 record and then stops playing. If we make this point focused, then it encourages people to keep pvping. Plus if we do win%, it discourages players from selecting the Undead as they will be a slow start as you need 4 people to hirer a Vampire. Thus most likely Undead warbands will never have a chance to be undefeated.

    2) Just to confirm, when we create new warbands to play, it has to start at 0/0 shards (i.e. no farming AI until after the first PVP match?)

    3) The definition of single use items are those that can be purchased with Fate: Crimson Shade, Shrooms, Healing Potions, Poisons, Holy Water, etc.? Are these prohibited in the league altogether even if purchased with gold?
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    Win % : I’ve decided to use that instead of points for two reasons...
    1- People didn’t want to invest too much time reporting results. Win% is very easy to calculate and keep track of.
    2- Also, it’s a true measure of a player’s mastery of game (while points only show that a player is persistent, even though he may have a terrible PVP experience).

    I doubt people would stay away from Warbands such as Undead because of Win% instead of Points. While a player like me would probably retire a Warband after 5 to 20 games, aiming for 100% short term, others will slowly build up a powerhouse. These will start low, but wins after wins in the long game will dilute the first few defeats. Eventually, they’ll get to the highest scores as those few teams who have managed perfection will either retire to the Hall of Fame (out of the Leaderboard) or forget to retire and slowly lose Win% as inactivity erodes their results (-1% per day after 30 days of inactivity).

    New Warbands : I wasn’t clear there, thanks for the question. Basically, start with a new team, then register. Then, if we get enough players to make this League a reality, you can train this team up to 50 rating before first game. What I wanted to avoid is people doing crazy mini-maxing stuff like soloing a Vampire or Captain-Mage before the League even starts.

    Single Use Items : I haven’t decided yet. As I said, I’m hoping 2 people would volunteer for the commissioners Board so we can issue a ruling on these. Again, I very much want to avoid pay to win situations where first game a player equips all his Heroes with these items paid with Fate. I think the potential for serious abuse is there, and the moment we allow players to use one such item per Hero per game, they will become a necessity to compete, and not an hedge anymore. They’re a Fate Points trap in this environment (players forced to spend Fate to just keep up with the others ; this can spiral out of control and a cash trap, which hopefully we don’t want). In the end, we’ll have to decide if we have more fun with or without Single Use Items. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll allow the use of one Healing Herb per game (equip as many as you want, but if you use two in a game, you’ve just lost). Opinions?
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    Forgot to mention : win% will be calculated on 10 games if less than that were played. So 1-0 = 10%. You won’t get 100% unless you get to 10-0
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    Great news, sad news.

    Unexpectedly, I got that job I applied to. Greatest opportunity of my life, and I won’t screw it up. However, this will bring me to this remote research facility, where internet will be restricted. I won’t be able to play at all while I’m there. I’m leaving in two days (!!!) and I have tons of things to get done, and people to see, before then.

    I wish I could have led the League to success, and hopefully someone else will step in to fill the void, and maybe taylor the League to their own dreams.

    Wish me luck, it was fun while it lasted. :)
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    Congrats on your new job! If you ever want to PVP just let me know on discord.
  12. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    Good luck in your new job! :)
  13. Fistandantilus Corporal

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    Lol dang was just getting excited about doing this then...unless this is somehow still going on???
    Not sure who or where i would be registration with? Or here? Or is this now a bust, if it isnt im a go!
    Now with the private PvPing it would be awesome

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