The Nightmare before Christmas awaits the people of Mordheim...

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Strigany exiles from the Badlands tell the tale of the Kallikantzaroi. Evil creatures that live at the centre of the earth and come out during the main winter festival to feast on the unwary. They only come out at night and are afraid of the sun, fire and holy water.

Crypt Horror is now available to Undead players as a Hired Sword.

These supernatural monstrosities are far larger and stronger than their kin, causing terror across Mordheim.

Also in this update:

Customise your Warband with Thunderer Hats, available in the store now for 1 Gold!

Thank you to everyone for the continued support his past year, this will be our last update for 2020 as the company closes for the Christmas period.

We hope everyone stays safe and has a lovely Christmas and New Year!


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