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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by warhammer newbie, Oct 25, 2017.

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    Hi all. This game got me, but I’m an absolute newbie in Mordheim. Currently I’m a little bit frustrated with skavens and I want to try a throwing knife/star setup. But I need to figure out some info about skills. I need to max out Ballistic skill, Thrown weapons Mastery and knife fighter – that’s clear. And now the questions come – Quick Shot adds one more shot or useless? Eagle Eyes works with thrown weapons? Ans skills from warrior path – Strike to Injure, Perfect Killer, The art of silent death and Tail fighting – any of this will work or not? Maybe I am missing something. Are there any other skills that are useful in sense of pure throwing firepower, like strength for swordmen? Thanks in advance!
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    I'm going to follow this for my own interest. I do have an all ranged Reiklanders warband that is doing pretty well (thanks, in part, to the marksman who gained frenzy and then two pistols) but my knife thrower is also proving quite valuable. So far I have gained the following insights:
    Leaving the melee hand empty adds +5 Initiative. This is good for spotting enemies and getting a double turn (six knives!).
    I once had a bunch of skaven run up, knife me from the shaows then win. Not pleasant.
    None of the melee akills affect the ranged skills as far as I am aware.
    In the original Mordheim Str determined your throwing range and damage but I do not know if this holds true.

    Hope this helps.

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