Thunderer Hats for everyone!

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    Merry Christmas!

    As the year comes to an end, this will be the last update for Mordheim this year while the team work hard on a special project that will be released next year!

    As an early Christmas gift, we have made Thunderer hats a free customisable theme! You can equip the hat by clicking on the customise button in the camp screen (just make sure you have a helmet or hat already equipped first)!

    hat-pic-1.png Hat-pic-2.png

    Other changes in this release:

    Fixed an issue where the game would freeze if you had an item equipped on a Possessed character
    Daemon Soul effect now hides when a character is hidden

    Download the update on Browser, Android and Apple.

    Thank you for the continued support, we can’t wait to share the exciting news with you next year!

    See you in 2020!

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    The free thunderer hats appear to only apply to standard human male mercenary helms. All faction specific helms have been omitted such as the witch hunter hat, the penance cage, the blindfold, and every single helm available to the sisters of sigmar (don't have chaos to check them, but i assume them too, can anyone confirm no thunderer hats for chaos or skaven?)

    So, not so much "everyone."

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