Title order



Did anyone keep track of the beginning Titles?

Does anyone know the name's before cavalier? And what order they are in? I think these are some of them, but maybe not all:

Also, I'm not really sure how it is decided on what Title you have, since it's not purely experience or prestige or level, seems to be some combination of those.?.
cavalier -> baron -> the list as you have it i believe

also , i thought it was purely prestige, but if its other ideas then maybe also territories. experience seems to make no difference as i am aware since you gain prestige per level - which is why i thought it would be purely prestige

p.s. archon is another title , but i dont know where it relates to the others from memory


From lower to higher, I think it's like this:

cavalier -> baron -> duke -> archon

What I don't remember is what order the lower titles are in.
I think there are 10 but can only remember 9:

Warrior; Veteren; Cavalier; Baron; Duke, Archon; Dominus; Prince; Emperor

They seem evenly split amoungst the factions so I guess it must be how you are doing relative to everyone else in the faction
It says on the faction ranking page
"Your ranking within your faction determines your title"
so yes , i imagine its a cerain number of players within the faction may hold a specific titles , and they are assigned by prestige ranking

p.s. Based on the idea that title is given through the faction, with the highest faction prestige gaining the best available title , ill try and record the limits of how many of a title can exist within a faction , assuming the total number if non-warrior titles is fixed

i.e. - i count a max of 5-10 dukes per faction
- i count a max of 8-10 Archon per faction

also , just a new idea - could it be a percentage of the faction get a title - it may explain changing number of titles within a faction which i think im seeing...