Top 5 things I LOVE about Mordheim Warband Skirmish

I just finished my 113 game Skaven play-through and I was reminded of how awesome this game truly is. While I have been critical of some of the game's mistakes, most of these issues are minor compared to how much this game gets right. Here are the Top 5 things I LOVE about Mordheim:

1. The Experience
2. The City
3. Warband Skills
4. Ease of Play
5. The Cajones

1. The Experience: I play Mordheim Warband Skirmish on my Iphone and I have never had any problems with it. Maybe I am just lucky but in the three weeks since I picked up this game I have played over 250 battles never had a dull moment. The only game I have spent more concentrated hours on in a shorter amount of time is Heathstone. Considering the size of the studio behind Hearthstone, the fact that Legendary is able to pull off a work of art like MWS is absolutely incredible. Considering that Mordheim is 50 times more visually complicated than Hearthstone could ever dream of being I am super impressed with their accomplishment.

2. The City: Mordheim has never looked so good. Yes I have seen better "technical" renderings of Mordheim but not combined with the ease of play and fun that MWS packs into the game. The art and the buildings are incredible! I love how easy they are to explore. When I am maneuvering my warriors behind a building it seamlessly goes to wireframe as to not block the view. I can pull out the camera and rotate it to see the building from every angle! The open buildings are easy to move into through. Fantastic! My one criticism with buildings, how about some more loot drops sprinkled the and tucked into map so players have a real incentive to explore?

3. Warband Skills: A real improvement on the tabletop game! Leveling up your warband is so cool. It is a lot of fun to customize and develop your warband creating warriors who specialize in different weapons and roles. I love it, leveling is the single most addicting aspect of the game. When I get a great skill I can't wait to take my warband onto the battlefield to test it out. This is such a big change from the board game but damn is it a nice change. I just wish there was more experience to be had especially for higher level characters.

4. Ease of Play: Everything about this game is fun. Creating and managing your warband is easy, moving around on the battlefield is intuitive, and combat is simple and fast-paced. Having the system take care of all the heavy lifting of running the warband leaves the player free to focus on the best parts: maneuvering warriors, using tactics to outfight your enemy, choosing the gear to fight with = and leveling up after a win.

Outfitting a warband is also easy but took some getting used to. It was a little upsetting that my warriors couldn't carry around an arsenal of a dozen weapons, but honestly the trade off for weapon management and ease of equipping your warband more than makes up for it. Let me just say the gear is awesome! Having different stat increases for different types of armor, is such a COOL idea, it makes the armor varied and interesting. Great job!

5. The Cajones: Turning GW's most beloved table-top into a mobile game is a ballsy decision. No matter how good you do there are going to be many gamers who complain that it too different from the original game. So my hats off to Legendary for rolling the dice and making their own version. I am former Mordheim table topper and GW employee and while I love the original game, Games Workshop abandoned Mordheim with a lot of meat still on the bone. Thankfully Legendary picked up the ball and made their own version, using the best elements of the original while adding their own genius is truly incredible!


There is a learning curve, when I first starting playing MWS I was concerned about some of the changes kike limited size of the warbands. What I realized after playing a dozen games is that smaller battles makes for more rapid and addicting game play! The game is simple and it succeeds at the most important ingredient, THE GAME IS FUN!!


Id like to add how easy it is to customize the look of your squad colour wise, much easier than painting. The fact that you can colour coordinate or make it totaly crazy is very fun.
Yes that is a very good point Salj the customization is a lot of fun and very easy. I would also say it is a great part of the game.
Because every response I have to give is counter to the euphoric opening statement, I am here. Ill follow one thing regarding #3. The skills in this game are padded out. Having a higher level cap is nice, but its because the stat increases are far less effective than the Warhammer/Mordheim equivalent. Because those are games using D6 for nearly everything and +1 to a score is a +16.5% increase. Here stat increases are very small, about 5% so you would need several levels spent to get the same result.

Overall there are major differences between Tabeltop Mordheim and Warband Skirmish. Warband Skirmish is much more about slowing things down to keep people playing and therefore putting in money. Ive recently learned that the discrepancies are because Legendenary-Games has fused Mordheim with a roleplaying game.


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I just...
Thankyou thankyou thankyou Steve! This is something the team loves seeing, really uplifting to read such good things about something we've been working so hard on. There's only so much we can do with the resources and team size that we have, but we're definitely trying our best to get content prepared for you awesome folks as soon as. Bare in mind that Adam is the only programmer actively working on this! So you have him to thank for fixing all of the bugs you put across.

I'll try to address everything you've wrote as best I can if I've missed anything out just give me a nudge ;).

1. The Experience: We wanted to bring out an adaptation of the table top that you could pick up and play wherever and whenever you want. Meaning that you don't have to wait around organising a table top campaign, or wait for the other parties, you can simply go in and play from your mobile device. We wanted the matches to be quick, much quicker than the table top for obvious reasons! Sam is our artist who has put a lot of work into ensuring that the art-style used fits in with the Warhammer universe, and sets the tone of Mordheim. I have also been given the opportunity to work on the game myself, which I am extremely thankful for! I have worked on some of the UI elements like skill icons, Mordheim: WS logo, faction icons, etc.

2. The City: A few of us on the team are great fans of XCOM, and as you can probably tell, have taken inspiration from such an amazing game. We wanted to ensure that you could easily access buildings and knew that because of the point of view, we had to do something to ensure that nothing will obscure the player's vision. There are lots of buildings around Mordheim, so the most feasible way we could think of doing this was to make the buildings "ghost".

The way that pickups work at the moment is that they are randomly spawned in an area which has been specified on each individual map. This is why people have noticed in the past that items have spawned on roofs. I'm not sure how much control we have over this, but you make a fair point! I'll make note of this and be sure to pass it on to Adam when he gets back.

3. Warband Skills: This is an RPG element that we really wanted to implement into the game. Part of my love for RPG's would have to be the levelling up systems, being able to upgrade your units is a big YES for me (personally). Any suggestions on what we could add to the current experience system? Maybe you have an idea on other ways units can earn EXP?

4. Ease of Play: Before we launched Mordheim: WS we wanted to make sure that there was going to be a vast amount of equipment for players to take advantage of. There are obviously a lot of weapons that are far superior to others, but that's for you to find out which are most efficient to use. An unfortunate part of Mordheim is the chance of losing your hard earned equipment at any point, but as we know, that's what makes the damned city so cruel and unforgiving.

5. The Cajones: We understand that our adaptation isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but we've tried to make an adaptation that everyone can get into. Even if you aren't familiar with the table top. Thank you again for giving us your feedback. You've certainly brightened up my day!

I know how it is when you put your heart and soul into a project. It is easy for gamer's to criticize the minutiae without appreciating the masterful work of art of the game itself.

To your credit I had no idea the production team was just one programmer.

The excellent quality of the game makes Legendary appear as a major studio instead of an independent company. I have played IOS games put out by much larger firms that are nowhere near the quality and the fun of of what you have accomplished with MWS.

What is most impressive about MWS is that the potential for growth is outstanding. I am really excited to see what the future for Mordheim holds!

At the end of the day you made a FUN game and one that I have played till 4am. Not many games are that engaging but you guys did it and made it look easy! Which is honestly the hardest feat of them all.

- Steve
Okay Im confused as most of what Overwatch said were some of the things I keep bringing up.

The skill flaws cause additional problems.

#1 is how Weapon and Ballistic skills work. In Mordheim and Warhammer Fantasy weapon skill has a minimum so if you reach a certain point youre safe to make about 50% of melee attacks hit, however having higher Weapon Skill means youre more likely to get a bonus to your chance to hit. Here instead exaggerated heavily into a tipping scale system where the difference between both sides doesnt seem to have a mimum or maximum so you could have a 20% chance to hit and be hit on an 80% chance. Ranged Combat suffers from stacking penalties for firing at a distance at about 4% per square rather than a -15% fixed rate. This means trying to hit anything without massive scores in either area is unlikely to work. Overall that results in characters being far less able to function without massive upgrade in either Ranged or Melee skills.

Solution? Put in some minimums please. 16% chance to hit with a ranged weapon is low, but its a massive improvement over the possible 1% or not even being to push the "shoot" button because its 0% or under. In melee a 33% chance for having low skill would still give some chance especially in light of #2 below.

#2 Requirement skills pad things out and in some cases not for any practical purpose. Dodge is a useful defense skill but requires to melee skills Quick Reactions and Lightning Reflexes. Increasing Wounds is a wise decision for any character but it requires Strength which only benefits melee skills. Melee characters that want Mighty Blow have to purchase Strongman first, which only benefits characters specializing in Advanced Two-handed weapons. This hurts Ranged character builds more as you have plenty of wasted skills that dont benefit ranged weapons.

Solution? remove the requirements. Even if you did remove other skills and/or stat requirements it would still be balanced in the case of stats. So you have Quick Shot? If you dont increase your Ballistic Skill then you will have a low chance to hit. But you could still pick the skills without high necessary stats. It would remove nonsenical skill requirements but still leave actual statistics as necessary.

#3 Proficiencies. More padding here at there are 7 categories of weapons to unlock. Some can be skipped but others cannot. Melee weapons Require you have Weapons Training to unlock ANY other skill of the combat tree. Ranged weapons have 4 different types. Crossbow is semi-optional as its required for Trick Shooter(because of a William Tell gag, really?).

Solution? characters should flatly start with more proficiencies to at least the "training" level. Give Captains Crossbow training. Give Marksmen Crossbow Training and Weapons Training. Give Warriors Bow Training, Crossbow Training, and Blackpowder Training.

This would give starting characters just more options as they would still have to put points into "mastery" tier proficiencies to use weapons' special abilities but it would also unlock weapons to play with from the start.


Okay Im confused as most of what Overwatch said were some of the things I keep bringing up.

The skill flaws have multiple problems.

I know you like improving the game but can't we keep this a mostly positive threat where we just show appreciation instead of just pointing out flaws.

Also keep in mind that the game is based on a rule set, if there are some aspect that dont traslate well its because of a diffrent environment i couldn't even imagine trying to translate something like kill teams from 40k into an easy tablet form like legendary have done even if it does have a few issues, also keep in mind our active community here on the boards is small i rarely see more than a dozen or so new replies even after a few days.
keep this a mostly positive
Thank you Salj there is so much to like about MWS.

What makes this game a success is the incredibly difficult coding and and game design aspects that we take for granted. The game plays so smoothly you don't notice the thousands of potential bugs that could make it an unworkable mess. Even more incredible is that MWS is an Indie game from a very small studio and they have accomplished a feat that larger studios with dozens of programmers often fail at.

I rarely see more than a dozen or so new replies even after a few days.
I wish this forum had a larger following and it will in time. As Legendary refines MWS and adds more warbands others will eventually find their way over here. I just hope Legendary keeps this game long enough for us to see the full extent of what they have planned. I have a feeling that it is going to be a slow build but very much worth it.


I started playing this game because I loooove the tabletop game and setting expecting it to get old quickly. It didn't I've spent more money than I intended and it's been the perfect way to fill out a slow summer at work. Love the game, can't wait for new warbands


I started playing this game because I loooove the tabletop game and setting expecting it to get old quickly. It didn't I've spent more money than I intended and it's been the perfect way to fill out a slow summer at work. Love the game, can't wait for new warbands

We all are starved for more content but everything takes time.

Before 8th edition, choas haddent gotten a major codex (army rules book) in over 10 years. I like Scuba hope we get to see everything and it can make legendary some profit.
I started playing this game because I loooove the tabletop game and setting expecting it to get old quickly. It didn't I've spent more money than I intended and it's been the perfect way to fill out a slow summer at work. Love the game, can't wait for new warbands
When I found MWS I was a bit skeptical at first. However when I started playing it I realized that it was the best version of Mordheim that I had played. The game is so easy to play and a lot of fun!!!!

I have also spent many a night playing till 4am and I love it. I have spent more money buying Fate for MWS than any other game in years. Like Salj I feel there is so much good to enjoy about this game it is crazy. Fortunately there are also an almost limitless number of paths for them to explore with expanding the game.

I wish Legendary had more resources because I am ready to dive deeper into Mordheim and see what else they can come up with!
LOL I think I am done with fate right now BUT if Legendary really wanted to sell fate they would allow you to negate a Robbed Effect with a Fate. It is odd that death and minor injuries can be overcome with FATE but a robbery can't be...


Because your material possessions are feeling and nothing to do with fate, its a different god. ( real reason is i'm sure is a programming one tho cuz you can spend one fate after the fact to cure multiple injuries)
Because your material possessions are feeling and nothing to do with fate, its a different god.

Lets be honest Salj there is only one god that ultimately guides our business decisions and it is not Tzeentch. GW did not grant licenses to every game company under the son because they love their hobby, they did it for the almighty $.

If Legendary is even going to bother with having Fate respawns in the first place then make it apply across the board to all the shitty after action results.


Well I dunno I still think it's thematic, you died your stuff got looted you come back your stuff isn't. If you loose your stuff when you get knocked out irl you don't get it back when you wake up.