Top 5 things I LOVE about Mordheim Warband Skirmish

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
The honest answer is all through testing we saw robbed as a relief as opposed to dead and a slightly comic result at that in hind sight we should have added the fate option on it as well and may do in the future. As it is we have toned it down so only some of the kit gets nicked.
As it is we have toned it down so only some of the kit gets nicked.
When I complained about the results of Robbery my warband was currently #62 on the leaderboard. I was determined to make it to #1. The competition was insane I was either fighting Middenheim warbands armored entirely in Gromril or sniper warbands with three Hochland Longrifles.

In unfortunate skirmish, I won the battle and only had one guy taken out of action. It just so happened it was the one guy with my Scoped Long Rifle. I had just bought FATE and would have much preferred to him to be killed but instead he was robbed and I was shocked I could not alter the outcome.

I was only making on average about 30 gold a match at that point and I just did not have the drive to keep playing the warband and try and save up for another rifle while I was up against warbands that were eating my lunch.

If I could have reversed that Robbery with Fate well then God Knows how much real world money I would have spent to get to very top #1 spot.

Probably better for my wallet that I was Robbed when I was...