Treasure chest.


Change the weight restriction on the chest, please.

If you find it in the far corner, with the reduced speed it will take you the length of a regular game just to get back to base. There is no rush to route you or wipe you out before you get the chest back; just casually pick away at the opposition that is 1 man down (chest carrier), cause you can most likely route them before the chest gets anywhere close to the goal.

I basically can’t get the chest back without running Skaven, and even then, it’s by the skin of my teeth if at all, and I rarely see anyone actually go for the chest. They just bee line for your base and either brawl in the middle, or wait to ambush you on your return. For 10ish gold and a couple of xp it just ain’t worth it.

Another idea would be to get to keep the chest even if you’re routed, so long as your chest carrier is still alive when you’re routed. Then at least there is a benefit to weakening your team. As it stands, going for the chest simply puts you at a one man disadvantage and increased risk of injury or death for a relatively lame prize that you probably won’t get anyway.

Yes, i agree with you.

AND I SUGGEST that if a warlock carry the chest and cast the Flight spell, and the Chest would stay on the ground where that spell was cast.


If you remove the reduced speed, the chest location needs to be limited more to the center areas. Sometimes it appears horizontally from either your opponent's or you starting zone. If there wasn't a reduced speed, an ogre could easily run there and run back without the other team having a good chance to stop him. A cheap win due to luck of chest placement.

Also I think you should add a spell chance reduction when you are carrying the chest. Perhaps like assuming the gromil and shield casting penalties so a warlock or merc captains can't simply fly in and fly out with it.


Here’s an example why there should be a movement penalty. Chest spawned near my starting zone. If there were no movement penalty my vampire could easy run back with no chance of other team to stop him. C53337C8-A9D5-44BF-86A2-8D2A764B4B13.jpeg


I've played the find the chest several times now and it's painful. I've only actually completed 1 battle which took over 35 turns - approx 45mins to play. Every other time the opponent leaves the game after 10-15 rounds. It's just way to slow.

I suggest having your leader be able to retreat at any time or have two characters carry it at normal speed, I guess they would act as a single character moving at the slowest initiative. Perhaps you'd have the option to drop it to activate both characters if you need to engage in melee


Guys, I've played find the chest a millon times but couldn't find it once! Where should I go to find it? I always end up fully engaged with the rival warband.


Yeah to the above, usally just easier to go for a k.o. Route then the chest as some have already said. Some good pros and cons mentioned. Yeah the reward would need to be increased imo for the risks for it. The Flight Wizard, does make it tre easier,clever the armour casting penalty for it...atlest -50%.
Overall I think its a hreat rough draft of a mission, something needs polishing.

**side note a different mission, a version of capture the flag... only 1 defender allowed within a circle ⭕ around the starting now that would get interesting...