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  1. Moo Private

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    This isn’t a complaint, simply an observation, but when the opposing team has all their ranged fast tracked to trick shooter it seems to make any strategic placements, that aren’t stealth, moot. Why have all this cover around when an easily accessible skill (a 2 point investment if you aren’t going x-bow) makes everything “open ground”?

    I’m curious what others’ thoughts are about this. I just feel that there should be some sort of benefit to cover, regardless of the opponents’ skills. Could some people be better at gaining cover? Should your initiative have an effect on how much cover is ignored?

    Please insert feedback below.
  2. Shangular Major

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    Unfortunately, the metagame is to equip with the hochland rifle with sight, which ignores cover anyways. If I were to build a shooty army, I'd fast track by getting blackpowder mastery vs Trickshooter. But agree, perhaps some adjustment should be made, especially since you now have lanterns which can negate stealth as well. So perhaps Trick Shooter and the sniper rifle should reduce the effects of cover vs eliminate it altogether?
  3. Jesse Shaffer Corporal

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    You can still hide behind walls and buildings regardless of your opponents skills and force them to come to you. Granted, that’s not a viable strategy in all situations but it can work well enough in most. The game’s treatment of cover is relatively simplistic because anything more complex would have been too unwieldy for the tabletop game it’s based on. A mobile game, on the other hand, could get away with something far more sophisticated. I’d love to see a more developed concept of cover in this game. I thought the way X-COM handled half cover and full cover was great.

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