Trouble with spawn in Great Library

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    The new maps are great from what I've experienced so far. I had some trouble with spawn placement in the Great Library. One of my characters spawned in a zone behind a wall that was 1x6 (meaning he could walk back and forth behind the wall, single-file, but not escape). My ogre was also spawned behind a wall, but was able to walk out through a broken section. I am not sure if this second example is by design or not. See attached photos.

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    I had this trouble with the university yesterday.
    The objective was have more warriors in the circle in the centre after turn 10.
    In the middle of a centre circle is a rectangular plinth.
    In both games I played of that mission in the university whomever spawned in the objective circle had at least one warrior trapped in the plinth. A trapped warrior couldn’t leave the plinth but could melee attack enemies that stood next to it. Adjacent warriors could not attack a plinth bound warrior though. Only their head was visible above the plinth unless they stood at one of the corners where they disappeared entirely.
    It made for a rubbish game as you just had to deal with the warriors outside the plinth then stand on the edge of the circle whilst the rest of the turns counted down.

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