Turn Limits Highly Recommended


Want to bring up again the need for a Turn Limit and the continual reduction of the morale ball, like in Mordheim.
this was a recent AI match. I was fighting and killed 3 gamers in the right side and top right. But the opponent had one ganger that kept panicking and continued to run far away, lower left. Given that there is no turn limit and that their morale ball doesn’t continually decease each turn, I have to spend multiple turns running over and trying to trap a single ganger. On scenarios where your Defending something this makes no sense and is quite boring to chase down a panicked ganger.
Please add Turn Limits and decreasing morale.
Could you make it so that panicked gangers convert to flee once the gang leader is dead or failed his morale check?
I'm not a huge fan of turn limits as I enjoy a tactical game every now and again and would like the chance to arrange games with specific opponents down the line... but bringing back the constantly ticking morale would be good