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    List: Unit switch out Underground storage.
    New building Unit buildable with extremely enduring armor.
    Storage for at least 5 or more wreckages and or units.
    AI dedicated open tree fields Bases, for truck apc/inf unit forces only play, with fair cost payout assessor like in the early starter days.
    Early Days: "tm" speed play value "temp Rank De-grader" By force type n values.

    --- P.S. DO Clean, Edit, Language Refine word refine & move and re-post; as your Moderator skills and powers see fit. Writing ledge-able forms is impossible for me.

    Ramble: The reasons used to make a list.
    WHY do i have to build a unit from scratch to unlock it?
    For I have acquired & payed for units upgrades where scrapping (and sometimes upgrades lost because of no base model unlocked!!!) them would be wastefully costly to my needed force CFG Where i have/HAD many "free" chassis well below the new unit prices.

    CAN you guys Make a Wreckage storage & live unit switch out, underground Vault shelter for' say 5-6 units,
    so Raider dedicated players can keep playing the game UN-interupted and defenders can configure against repeat raiders refining their forces knowing Live attacks are incoming, again.
    X: Changeable Spare forces for unit types & number of units configurations!

    A Massively Armored building to STORE live units & Wreckage - like artillery and helos, so as not vulnerable to tank, helo and artillery map fire, for people will blast anything/everything of value.
    Lost many hard fought early tank & helo's wreckage earned from suicide raids doto the map vulnerability's of scorched earth raiders. I truck/APC "Acquired" the mammoth tank when the monsters first appeared by despite of excessive risks encountered my truck fleet & kept my will to compete.

    Changeable Spare forces for number of units configurations!
    Example: I Had a 641V/54L Enemy who kept changing his force, From inf /apcs n tanks to 4 raids later, 2 artillery 3 helo 4 tanks and 1 apc (art mover) While i was Dead-locked into 4 apcs 3 tanks & 1 helo despite having 5 helo wrechages & 2 wrecked tanks and a spare wrecked artillery piece, Note: i can not yet replace apc's+ but had many "spare" chassis and 5x their unlock resources. ALL tanks & helo's very Hard Fought for with mere stolen mixed upgraded apc's (many raid salvaged tanks/apc's lost acquiring) broke even or worse many times.

    I'M not alone in totally losing the will-to-raid/play AT & after overseer level.
    Until I'm allowed to actually Replace my losses with out destroying acquired chassis, I WILL NOT RAID! This has taken far past 2 months of dedicated every 4-6 hour check-ins thru the nights and excluding any raiding doto repair costs (I payed for credits to speed repair).

    Play Value: I Wish i could downgrade my rank or BY Force Type & unit value - vs bases type/level,
    To enjoy the early truck/apc mixed raiding days, where play value had at least 1 raid every hour and each base was a joy! with out fortress built scorched walls. To many dead player's base fortresses, where we stop playing doto resource deadlock, repair time, negative incomes on successful raid & overkill Egg cracking, a great game entertainment value breaker. AI Bases of desirable configurations? I'll eat the repair costs but @ or less then 1.5k-2k from a harvester kill + map scraping doesn't make book here.
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    Thanks for the detailed suggestions! I think that being able to upgrade units whether you have the space for them or not would be great and will definitely be something I forward across to the team. In regards to everything else I'm currently an Overseer and I'm not really having any troubles in terms of raiding or anything like that. My base hasn't been attacked in a very long time and I think that's just down to the fact that I've secured it well. The whole concept of the game is to be as successful defending as you are attacking so if you are struggling on that front I'd just suggest fortifying your base some more. I'm currently 56th and see myself going up the leader board daily, the things you've mentioned are just down sides of raiding etc. If you have a completely successful raid for example and don't take damage at all you won't be penalized, the amount you are is just dependent on how much damage you actually take whilst you're out on the battlefield. However, repairing units can be costly in comparison to how much you earn from a raid so that's something else I'll mention to the team as that's an issue I've came across myself too!

    Good luck out there, hope you have some better luck.

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