Unkillable warrior priest?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Lord Bl00d, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Lord Bl00d Private

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    I just faced yet another immortal warrior priest!
    I dealt with his entourage of heavily armed and armoured ogres. And just had the warrior priest left.
    He had the armour of righteousness prayer in place (flaming comet tails) so armour 80 (min 40) made him difficult to hurt, but I still had 5/6 of my warband in play. Threw everything I had at him dropping him to almost dead, then on his turn he passed his bottle check and cast healing hand to completely heal... for 6 turns in a row!
    Eventually his 1 attack per turn had taken out enough of my warband for them to bottle.

    This is ridiculous!
    The healing hands prayer needs removing or making much more difficult to cast.

    If the necromancy life stealer transfers 3-5 hit points if it is cast AND the target fails a test, and it’s initial casting chance is 0%, so you have to have multiple bonuses and many skill points invested to have very little chance of it happening because it’s “sooo powerful”

    How can it be fair to have a spell that an individual recover up to 22 wounds (maxed out ogre) that starts at a 40% casting chance with no other test, so it can be levelled up to be automatically cast?!

    All the prayers of sigmar are ridiculously powerful compared to the spells of any other warband, and they are so much easier to cast. This needs addressing as it is just broken!

    If the caster was unable to heal themself it would still be extremely powerful, but much more playable.
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  2. Enajien Private

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    I haven't seen this as an issue. Did you lose all your comet maul characters before you got to him? Are you not pumping WS on your damage dealers? Then sure he will solo your army if he can keep making lead tests. Your best bet would just be to disengage from him and wait for him to fail the lead test or for his armour to go down. Sounds like you were out matched. A vampire would do the same.
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  3. Lord Bl00d Private

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    I Don’t have comet maul characters in most warbands. it’s a pretty poorly designed game if there is a massive choice of weapons but you have to have one particular weapon on everyone your warband for it into be playable!

    A vampire doesn’t do the same at all!
    My reikland warband can normally shoot them to bits, even my all ghoul warband normally eats them (though I did have an infuriating game when 45 attacks in a row pinged uselessly off one guy’s armour!) a vampire can only heal a couple of times if he has herbs with him.
    The warrior priest’s armour reduced most of the damage to 1’s and 2’s at best, even so I took him down to a hit point or two on six consecutive turns! He just cast that spell and healed back up to full every time he had a turn.

    This was my marienburgers they are armed with rifles and pistols and are around a 700 rating. So the warrior priest seemed extremely over powered!

    Armour in general seems way too good. In the tabletop version encountering a 4+ save (on a D6) is rare and 3+ is almost unheard of.

    In this version it seems like every man and his dog has a 2+ rerollable save!
    And they make it 4 out of 5 times Even if you take the hammer that reduces it to a 6+ (Which for some reason is not rated as the most powerful weapon because of you swap it for the big axe (northland?) with +25 strength and + 25% criticals, the warband’s rating increases dramatically, despite the fact that the axe does very little as it bounces off armour most of the time.

    Again, in the tabletop game, critical hits ignore armour, and can cause double wounds. In this version you can score a critical hit that goes zero damage due to armour, what was critical about that hit?! It did nothing!
  4. studer1972 Corporal

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    Agreed on both points. Much like the original HarnMaster, blunt is the King of damage. How do you get any performance from an all ghoul warband? Mine did OK until about rating 1000, but feels useless now. I prefer the way armor works in this version to the original. Metal armor really is nigh impenetrable except to modern firearms and big can opener polearms. Check out this video of a man taking a full force blow to the belly from a sharp sword and barely feeling it while wearing plate. (00:35)

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