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How many people are for these Kinds of Updates.

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  1. Mormacur the Sorcerer Private

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    Arguably the Possessed are quite lacking. Traditionally Marauders should be the melee focus while Brethern are the Range focus. Both with access to mutations. As well as immunity to Psychology aka fear. I have played Possessed numerous times with many Warbands. The one thing the warband lacks is defense. Which plays a huge part in the game. Against all factions. Humans with their high armor and able to handle all weapons makes Possessed weak against two hand spam. Or Skaven with the infinite numbers and Giant rat spam. Undead with Vampires which once a Vampie is kitted out Possessed Magic does nothing to them and the Possessed might as well give up the match. Although not complaining. It's just with other Warbands I have been able to atleast defeat Vampies a few times. Chaos Spawn or Possessed characters are strong and have a lot of attacks and are suppose to have no armor. Yet when they come to face with good armor they are pretty lack luster and most factions range spam which makes the Possessed characters not worth it. Even the Mercenary version is better. Especially without access to further mutations this basically makes them a Human warrior but without the armor and the high damage weapons.
    Not saying buff the crap out of the Possessed but some minor changes and updates would make them a bit more competitive. Marauders should be the warriors and no range skills but access to strength speed and weapon skills with maybe a berserker specialty line. Would be cool to see but not asking for the specialty. Brethren should be Archers but no black powder or crossbows. Just bows with maybe a few skills removed. Both should have access to mutations. Possessed should have access to all mutations skill line even it they become Possessed those mutations make the unit what it is. To many times have I dismissed Possessed units cause they lack mutations to further help the unit be useful. A brethren with heavy armor and a two handed weapon and points in initiative is better and far more useful as he can defend against ranged better. And now with Elves.
  2. Algirdas25 Major

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    - Want melle oriented units?
    use beastmen , that their role , or pit figher
    -Elves in chaos warband ?
    not cannon, so nope
    -Shoting skills
    lore wise no cult of possesed units had access to shoting skills (in tabletop)
    second, do they need updade new stuff ?
    yes :
    stuff that need to be added (in my opinion)
    -armor for beastmen (they could have it in tabletop mordheim), Could be a litle worse than human armor (similiar to ogre equ)
    -a little, litlle buff to beastmen variant weapons (axe and sword)
    - gromil and ithilmar armors for human cultist (no reason why they shouldnt have them)
    stuff that could be added ;
    -max 3 mutations for brethen (similar to tabletop version)
    - max 6 mutations for possesed (similar to tabletop version)
    -third hand mutation ,
    skaven rat spam ? you mean free ex?
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  3. Mormacur the Sorcerer Private

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    Whoops I meant they needed better ranhe defense against ranged now that Elves are in. Not that Possessed needs Elves sorry for the confusion.
    As for the shooting skills just add one or two more skills. I know it's not lore friendly but Brethern do have access to them now and are actually pretty decent. Maybe just the fire twice skill.
    As for beastmen. With no armor basically useless. Range picks them off fast and two handed weapons one of two shot them. Also I didnt think they would want to model new armor to fit the beastmen model. So I suggested Marauders as an alternative to Pit fighters and Beastmen.
    Pit fighters I used but it's good to add them when you leveled up the rest of the warband as with a two handed weapon or just upgraded weapons and armor they add 150+ rank. Might not be good for new players no knowing it.
    Armors do need to be added.
    Skaven spam yes free exp. But depends on the game mode. And rat ogres can really make it harder. If you deal with them quick but I've played against Skaven that have gotten double turns idk if this is a bug or actually happens.

    Thank for your input. I was hoping for more of a discussion so Possessed get the right updates and feel.
  4. Jesse Shaffer Brigadier

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    The Possessed feel very rushed to me, as if they were done on the cheap. On possessed models, the scorpion tail is way off center. It's the kind of mistake no professional artist would ever make...but it is exactly the kind of mistake a programmer would make. Speaking of the scorpion tail, it isn't even a scorpions tail! It also misses far too often given how little damage it does.

    IMG_6293.jpeg Possessed_Tail.jpg
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  5. Shangular Brigadier

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    Yeah the visuals could use some inprovement. The scorpion tail is centered on beastmen though. But I think they should have incorporated the hoofs mutation visuals which they already have a template from the beastmen. Why not apply it to possessed who get that mutation?

    With the dark pact adjustment and beastmen I’m able to put together a very competitive warband. The only key improvement is having a more defense limiting skill for possessed but otherwise they work very well as a fast moving warband. The nature of chaos implies that randomness needs to be applied for the better or worst. Beastmen, magisters and possessed with the good mutations can be deadly. It just if you’re blessed by the chaos gods to get them ;). The Eye of God spell is perfect for depicting the nature of chaos. You get a chance for a really good outcome or a very bad outcome.

    I really don’t like the marauders for Mordheim because they don’t fit the theme. This cult isn’t made from marauding northmen. It’s from the people who live in the Empire who’ve turned to chaos. Also the cult doesn’t even worship the proper 4 chaos gods. It’s the Shadowlord wannabe god demon.
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  6. Salowuk Private

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    Brethren have only 2 skill points at lvl 1, any Reikland have 3, and Clansmen (from Dwarfs) have 4 (but they have less move).
    Dark Pact have a high chance to kill the brethren.
    Dark Pact mutations are a rare to get. In my case i get 2 possessed without any mutation, and some brethrens (2 or 3, all the others died in the pact) with Daemon Soul and 1 mutation (at lvl 8)
    "Eye of god", This spell killed my boys lot of times, i attepted to "bless" my weakest brethren and it killed him. Make it lees deadly, change it of 1D6 of damage or a know out.

    Daggers! i want to see a cultist with a dagger...or a flagellum, or a wipe.
    Possessed hair, they looks like a glitch. I prefer something like horns or bald...and maybe 2 o 3 diferents models of possessed will be great.

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