Warband Slots

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
Staff member
Hey guys, we’ve recently been getting a few comments on only being able to play with 3 warbands on the “Select Warband” screen. I would just like to clear this up, that you’re able to play with more than 3 warbands. All you need to do is click on the “Delete” button and on the empty slot, select “Download” to retrieve your other warbands from the server.

We are wanting to make changes to this screen to make it clearer to our new and returning players. We would like to open this up to the community for suggestions on how we can improve this.


Perhaps changing the Delete button to be Unload and have the Download button shown at the same time? so it implies that warbands can reloaded.

To add, this was from an older suggestion thread, if you allow us to permanently delete warbands, we can help you clean out your server. I apologize I'm one who had a lot of trash warbands that need to be deleted.


Perhaps Active/Inactive is a better word choice to delete/unload/download. Or you could go with google's choice in their apps, and change the delete button to "Archive"

Or you could label the three slots on a machine as "Available for Offline Play"