Forget the warhounds, they are more of nuisance than actually helpful. At least for a more advanced warband. Stupid mut is either standing in the way or stealing XP. On top of this it dies every 2nd battle draining your hard earned gold.
Warhound game balance needs to be worked out before the Witch Hunter warband comes out as that warband is reliant on them.

I dont know how they actually can as animal dont gain experience in Mordheim. For Skaven have 7-8 gaint rats means you have to kill the rats before the Skaven themselves.

Ewan Lamont

Staff member
We'll see what we can do about naming it is a lot harder as it uses our item system rather than the character system. I wouldn't get too attached either, fate wont bring him back and he will die 30% of the time he becomes a casualty. AI control was the only way we could bring rats and dogs into the game. 8 active characters is making less powerful devices creak at the seams. We have spent most of the last few weeks focused on getting load times down.
Im not actually complaining out them being items. Its the problem that they are non-upgrading characters ina game that was changed to heavily about upgrading.

Animals never stood a chance.


The Warhound is in fact very powerful at lower levels, but is useless when you encounter better warbands.
In the long run it seems like a wasted skillpoint to me.
If they didn't die, it wouldn't be Mordheim. They never got XP on the table, why should they now?

I like the AI for the animals, it makes them unreliable and a heap of fun. This randomish, almost 'confused' manner maybe should be employed for stupid or other psych disorders, and most definitely for the rat ogre which should be spending one third of the time drooling into his armpits.


The dog isn't unreliable. It allways stands in the way and allways charges the nearest target. This is in fact very reliable. Against stronger opponents they die. Also very reliable;)