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    Weapons need to have more defined roles and differences.

    Long version:

    1. Fists. Free. Penalty -10 str to dmg. Could use extra attack if no weapon equipped. Some sort of gloves with various bonuses could be introduced.
    2. Daggers. Cheapest weapon available to all. Penalty to armor penetration +15 enemy defense. We have 3 or more daggers now which are different only in name... shame. Initiative or +weapon skill could be nice differentiators. Skill of dual wielding could be introduced.
    3. Clubs. Cheap as daggers. Basic weapon skill is needed to use them. No bonuses or penalties. Although why would anyone use them without something extra I dont know. Maybe minor to hit bonus as +ws.
    4. Hammers and Maces. Supposed to be good vs really heavy armor. But max 30-40 enemy defense is very undesirable bonus. Maybe flat reduction of defense is better aproach. That way it would help vs any armor class.
    5. Axes. Critical hit bonuses. Fine. Devastating vs unarmored enemies.
    6. Spears. Cheap. Extra reach. Not useless bonus, but it fits other 2 handed polearms better. Should have 1st strike ability as in tabletop. Its a weapon for green troops after all.
    7. Swords. Parry and crits, but less crits than axes pls. Tanking weapon.
    8. Halberd. +5 str, no initiative penalty, 2handed. Could use extra reach.
    9. 2 handed versions of hammers, axes and swords. Bonus to strength, penalty to initiative. And usual bonuses of their class.

    Ranged weapons are quite well defined.

    Short version:

    We need weapons with different traits:

    1. High strength (present). Question is how much strength bonus is enough? +5 str is 1 skill up worth.
    2. Defense piercing (semi present). Guns and some rare weapons have -15 defense modifier. Max defense weapons are useless vs defense class that is lower than threshold.
    3. Accurate (not present). Weapons that provide +weapon skill bonus to wielder.
    4. Critical damage (present).
    5. Stun (not present).
    6. 1st strike (not present). Is available as skill.
    7. Initiative boosting (semi present).
    8. Extra reach (present).
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    Good thoughts! I believe that weapon balancing is still in process, so change seems like it may be possible. I think the two biggest modifiers that are missing in my mind are bonuses to weapon-skill (some weapons might be particularly well-balanced and therefore more easy to do well with), and stun chance.

    Devs: How is stun resistance and stun recovery calculated right now?

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