What weapons are actually useful?

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    With both the cost of gold and the costs of experience necessary to pick the skills to actually use them I wonder what is actually worth it?

    Shortbow, Bow, Longbow, Elven Longbow.
    all are low strength weapons but also cheap. Aside from low costs and frequent availability the only real strength the seem to have is being able to move and fire without the Nimble skill. That doesnt seem that good as moving penalties are still high enough it wont matter much. Better to stand still and use Quick Shot.
    Elven longbow is quite rare to find but also low gold costs for a re item. It has better range and accuracy than the Longbow but most importantly reduces target defense. the best bow in the game, still stuck at 30 attack strength.

    Crossbow, Repeater Crossbow, Crossbow Pistol.
    The Crossbow requires a new set of Skills(just 1 at minimum) than the Longbow and cannot move without Nimble, but it is stronger and a fairly solid weapon.
    Repeater Crossbow has less range and attack strength compared to the more common Crossbow to being the same as a Bow which is less than 1/10th the cost. Its accuracy is fairly low, but if you get Crossbow Mastery it can fire twice as much, and four shots when combined with Quick Shot.
    Crossbow Pistol seems really bad but it does give you you a ranged attack while making full movement( I think).

    Blackpowder weapons: Pistol, Handgun, Repeater Handgun, Hochland Long Rifle, Scoped Long Rifle
    All require another sets of Skills to unlock and use, especially the Huntsman skill. Its a pretty significant skill investment. Their main draw is ignoring some defense of the target which becomes more appealing due to the widespread Freelancer Mercenaries. Without Huntsman they can only be used once every other turn.
    1 Pistol, similar to the Crossbow Pistol with more chance of doing damage but lower chance to hit.
    2 handgun, shorter ranged, less accurate, more expensive and rare than Crossbow. Alot worse unless the target is armored.
    3 Repeater handgun a reverse of the Repeater Crossbow, as its a better handgun with up to 4 shots per turn. its not worse but all-round better than the Repeater Crossbow except for costs.
    4 Hochland Long Rifle, longest ranged/accurate weapon in the game...thats about it. Oh it ignores cover penalties to accuracy if you have Blackpowder mastery, but any weapon weapon can do that with Trick Shooter skill. If you can actually use the extreneg
    5 Scoped Long Rifle, rarest and most expensive weapon I know of. I dont know if there is any difference compared to the the Hochland Long Rifle.

    The only ranged weapon to actually have improving attack strength because its based on the User's strength. Requires yet another set of skills. Looks to be useless unless you get a lot of abilities including Knife Fighter which gives you 3 ranged attacks. I dont know if that can be combined with Quick Shot to get 6 attacks, but that is about the only way I can see this being worth it.
    Melee weapons are generally separated by Swords, Axes, and Maces. getting Weapon Master or Advanced Weapon Master is important to using them as most weapons require those skills to unlock their abilities.

    Two-handed versions of melee weapons increase attack strength, prevent you from using ranged weapons, and lower your Initiative. Strongman strength skill cancels out the initiative penalty.

    Swords have Parry, which reduces melee damage randomly. Has a unique skill, Expert Swordsman, which increases damage.
    Gromril Swords reduce target Defense but are also quite expensive. Not the best at Parrying
    Ithilmar Swords increase Initiative, which means better spotting distance(mostly)

    Axes have increased critical hit chance. Straight up trying to do as much damage regardless of armor and no parry.
    edit: Gromril Axe, possibly best offensive melee weapon in the game. Presumably a two-handed version exists as well.

    Maces reduces the target's armor to a fixed cap. The cap is much better depending on the cost of the weapon but cant be improved with skills to stack on this. Situational at best.
    Edit: gromril version exists?
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    Don't pick shortbows or bows! Always start with longbows. The gold difference is tiny, and the extra range is required. The are fantastic starting weapons. A longbow with quick shot in early game is deadly. They do become obsolete though.

    I've never used a crossbow so can't comment to much. Crossbow Mastery and Quick Shot should only give 3 shots a round though. You can move and shoot with them if you get the skills, but it's best not to and get 2 shots.

    They are high strength, ignore armour, stupidly accurate, and have high range (mostly).

    Pistols are more useful for warriors then marksmen. You can use them as an offhand melee weapon, so you get an extra attack the turn you charge. Their range of 8 makes them pointless otherwise.

    Handgun is better then the crossbow when you take the -15 armour into account. Not sure that makes it worth the fact it's 3 times as expensive though.

    Repeater handgun takes up to 3 shots, I tried one, it's not that good. The extra shot isn't worth the cost for it.

    Hockland long rifles are AMAZING! You can shoot people from twice the distance then anything else, that means you twice as many shots before they are in range for melee! It takes 6 turns to walk 48 distance, that's 12 shots, 6 more then the handgun. That's got to be worth something.

    The scope lets you ignore cover, there's a typo in the normal one which was fixed today. It's worth the extra money to save the 2 skill points to be honest. Best weapon in the game. Worth every coin.

    Quick shot still only gives 1 extra attack, it says fire twice, not double the shots.

    It's good for melee if you're out of charge range you can get close and throw some knifes. I'd rather a greatsword though.

    They also stop you using shields against ranged attacks, which urks me a little as I'd like the extra defence. So you have to decide if you want armour or strength.

    I used to use Ithilmar swords, but I swapped to the gromril one. The armour deduction becomes more important when everyone is in full platemail.

    Not sure they provide enough of a critical chance to make them more powerful then the swords. So I'll think I'll stick to that.

    I can see the appeal of giving this to a guy in frenzy to let him get stuck in while you move others around to clear out the range, but they aren't that useful overall as their ability can be quite hit and miss.

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