What would you like to see in future updates?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by OverWatch, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. try_to_beat_me Private

    Don't make the board diagonal. Is this necessary?

    I would just give some sort of birds eye with slight tilt. You can keep rotations in if people want to see on angle.

    I don't play a single game in rl that I try to have a view of the game board which is awkward.

    I've been on the fence about it. Maybe it is some attempt at creativity.. and most probably aren't bothered by it, and maybe its not big. But I just played a game of normal chess on kings of chess... I was just thrown a back at how awkward playing 8 x 8 chess diagonally with board set up actually is. Then I got to thinking that while it was weird for shuuro, why can't the boards just all be vertical?

  2. OverWatch

    It could be possible for us to make it so players can adjust the camera angle, just something else we'll have to take into consideration. We already have a lot of plans for the game! But we'll be reviewing all the feedback we get so that we can mould the game around the players.
  3. try_to_beat_me Private

    Sounds good. I think I'll just pause while you guys figure things out. Play for as long as my mana lasts, and visit the site to see if things are up and running.

    Fixing mana I think is biggest thing. Way to play other players. Chat. Etc In a grand reveal, or a patch by patch basis. Let people see things move along. You can also make new Facebook posts etc with every fix. If you have 200 likes whoever as members, they will see "ohlook, Facebook shuuro just changed ..." and maybe creates some attention that way.

    I am happy to hear that player input is something you guys plan on touching base with. A lot of sites I've seen have varying degrees of interaction with their community. Keeping close tabs and all really has no down sides.

    When you think about it, only a portion of a community will necessarily get involved. Report good things or bad. I know many times people either come and go never giving input. They like what they see and stay, or they don't like what they see and go. Commenting or not. If you still have way of checking or contacting what players inactive or active when new site is up, maybe we liven the community up again when the new shuuro is released online.

    Either way, I'm really liking this game, hope everything works out. I'm not sure what avenues you guys have for getting new players. Word of mouth only goes so far with existing players to draw in new players. any existing chess site is probably where I'd go to grab any players who are interested. I've played 5-6 variants, this one has probably one of the greater potentials.

    Like I was saying before, I also think expanding like perhaps with Loka or new units, etc etc. Something to keep expanding shuuro is fine. Even if just on the online side of shuuro. Keep basics always as an option for playing, but yeah.

    One last comment: I was looking over the site, and no where did I see anything about plinths. The rules do give a link to a wiki about chess piece movement... for how to play. But nothing on the site describes plinths unless I'm mistaken. I'm sure people figure it out in game, pieces can't move beyond them. The green highlighted squares for legal moves always help. Butjust something going in with the help page about plinths being impassable except for knights who can also go on it. But either way, another minor thing as with a few games, anyone would figure it out.
  4. OverWatch

    We'll definitely keep you updated through here and on the Facebook page too! Just be sure to check out both places. The site will be updated soon too, to something much more cleaner looking so let us know what you think of it once it goes online :) would love your feedback.
  5. try_to_beat_me Private

  6. Ewan Lamont

    Some nice ideas. When we get round to it we may implement some. In the mean time if you buy 30,000 mana you will never run out again :)
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  7. try_to_beat_me Private

    My mana actually balances out somewhat. I'm about to win a game and it will go to 3800=3900 ish. I do dip from time to time. 30000 = 40.99 = 55 Canadian. Fix the site, then see about getting people to pay. At the moment it sort of feels neglected. The game is only playable when campaign is active... in which case mana is fine at least when I was winning. Since I've beat campaign... 55 bucks to play 1 game every 2 weeks or so against 1 player. Not being able to challenge etc. I dunno. Why pay for Mana when the mana system is broken.. if you are just going to change it a few months to something I don't know what it will be. I haven't heard anything about changes yet. I'll see what they site becomes with changes, chat options if any, challenge options, etc etc. Look forward to see what you guys decide.
  8. try_to_beat_me Private

    Pretty quiet around here, what's happening?
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  9. OverWatch

    Hey again,

    Not a lot is happening in terms of updates for Shuuro at the moment! We've got quite a lot of different projects on at the moment which we're putting all our focus into. Being a small team we have to prioritize certain things, so for the time being Shuuro isn't going to be updated. BUT we still really appreciate all the feedback we get! When the time comes we'll implement all of the awesome ideas we get. We do appreciate all the patience from our players though :) and it's really cool to see that people are still actively playing.

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