What's after emperor....


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Captured all the territories and wonder what next.....

Not sure of your plans but defiantly would be good to keep going.

I have been wondering whats next

Couple of suggestions….

Have another area open up, this is just used by emperors, therefore you are straight away opposing much harder enemies, this would be a chance to invade so you have maybe a large scale map where you can see who owns what then have the chance of working towards them, as new emperors join in they open up new sections but appear. You then have a line of territories before your existing maps to fortify which only emperors can attack, once through these you can invade their existing territories. Would recommend that once you reach emperor status for other players the territories are duplicated so when other players go to capture the territories who are not emperors they face AI’s instead.

Emperors then start a more global war, rellying on their exisiting territories to supply their raids into the middle terains, I would recommend a number of territirories in the middle to fight over.

Marrauders carry on their attacks on current territories.

I think this opens up massive expansion ideas, especially around potential new units. Thinking air strikes or long range missile attacks to bombard middle territories, bases could include stronger fortifications, maybe bunkers and gun posts.

Hope this is useful…

Ewan Lamont

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Congratulations on becoming an Emperor!

As someone who has made it all the way through you will have a unique insight into the game. Any other ideas or changes that would make the game better?