Why pistolier has only 3 shots with quickshot?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Marquand, Jul 27, 2017.

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    As in title lol. I understand that pistolier works like this (brace of pistols of course):
    1 shot from right hand pistol
    1 shot from left hand pistol
    - Stationary
    1 shot from right hand pistol
    2 shots from left hand pistol

    Couldn't he fire 4 times? It would be hardly broken - unlike cc weapons (and when you're firing without moving that means you're in close combat 80% of the time) pistols deal less damage and with -5% to hit penalty for every shot after the first it's still fair.
    Also, can we expect duelling or repeater pistols in the future? Preferable near future :)
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    Add why Repeater Handgun and Repeater Crossbow to the list.

    QUick Shot only grants 1 additional shot, its not a multiplier. So 2 pistols get 1 extra shot, and Repeater weapons only get 1 extra shot.

    Quick Shot actually makes little sense in Warband SKirmish. How can you double-tap a one-barreled muzzle loading smootbore/rifled blackpowder weapon? ITS MAGIC to make another bullet appear in your barrel along with blackpowder and other necessities.

    In Mordheim they eventually gave an FAQ answer that blackpowder weapons couldnt be used with Quick Shot at all. It made a more clear role between the Bows/crossbows that can use Quick Shot and Blackpowder weapons that cant and have to use Hunter to fire every turn.

    They had another FAQ that firing both pistols in the same turn by using Pistolier, you cannot fire at all next turn.

    Think about those rules killing Blackpowder weapons, and shooting as a whole. Ignoring those rules are necessary to keep this game playable.

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