Why so many shrine missions?


Playing this week it seemed like around 90% of my matches were shrine defense or attack missions. It is really repetitive. Is that my bad luck or something that needs to be looked at?

In one defense mission my lowly gang somehow got matched against an Orlock gang with 7-8 gang members! I can’t imagine we were matched up power-wise. I don’t even know how long you have to play to open up enough transit tunnels to bring in that many gang members into a battle.

We put up a good fight due to positioning, but those overwhelming numbers and autogun fire led to the bad hobbling of one of my gangers.
Cool moment story-wise for my gang, but it seemed a bit unfair gameplay wise. The way matchups are being determined are very erratic at times.


Adjusting my response lol. For Patrol, yes I get a good variety of missions, no complaints. But for when territories get attacked, I do get a lot of Defend Shrine missions. I understand those territories are limited to what scenario is available: Defend Shrine, Defend Gang Member, Escape, Defend Loot so that's probably why. I really don't mind much, since I get to realize my investment in hiring a lookout.