Why solo?

Out of curiosity, why would people do a solo Warband? Is it for the challenge? Or is it inherently good, in general? From my perspective, I've always defeated solo players... except in extremely rare occasions, and only when they fly away with the Treasure. This deters me from even trying a solo Warband... Am I missing something?

And if I'm about to do a solo run, what's the best Faction for that? I would think Middenheim, because they start with +5 S and +3 W. A Sister's Matriarch would be an interesting option, but she can't fly... I don't think a Skaven Assassin would be a viable option... What else am I missing?

Jesse Shaffer

Back in ancient times (i.e. before June 27, 2018) solo warbands were far more effective than they are today under the new rating system. It still can be done but it takes a lot more finesse than it used to. Since your individual unit only has so many wounds, their respective rating limit is now much lower. Nevertheless, it is still possible to create a solo warband that is neigh impossible to defeat in combat—albeit at lower levels only.

Matriarchs, mutated Magisters, and Middenheimer captains are all great choices. Among hired swords, Vampires and Elves reign supreme but Ogres can work as well. My feeling is that individual preference and playstyle largely determines what is best but Matriarchs and Vampires might be the best bet for the most people since most don't really play PVP. For PVP oriented people, I'd encourage them to try a mutated Magister. Cloven Hooves + Sprint + Winges of Darkness + Lure of Chaos = a beautiful thing. :)


Back in ancient times (i.e. before June 27, 2018)

Wow impressed you remember the date when it changed.

To answer why? Simply because it is fun. In the olden days, there were many solo captain warbands and the game is designed where a single high level warrior could defeat multiple low level warriors in general, even though the total levels are the same (60 lvl warrior is more powerful than 6 level 10 warriors). It's more challenging now because matchups are based on skill and equipment rating vs XP. But it's still fun.

Most of my warbands start out as solo but I eventually add more warriors. I was happy that I found an old warband that was still solo in my archives :)

Merc Caps and Magisters probably make the best solo due to the mobility offered by Flight/Wings spell. It's important to be able to maneuver in and out of combat as well as to areas where an enemy can't charge to shoot you when you solo. Vampire is viable in that he's a tank and has high movement. Others not so much imo as a Matriarch, Ogre (make sure you equip multiple heal potions as you're useless when you get stunned), Skaven Assassin, Witchhunter captain, will get overwhelmed against good opponents due to lack of maneuvering options. Elves can but you don't have 100% chance for Flight so not ideal.


For such purpose I choose Marienburg 9/10. You have nice starting capital of money, as well as better prices and items in the store from the beginning. Your Cap can learn lesser magic and when you give him academics, the prices in store are ridiculously low. If you want to add henchmen, you have either decent pistolliers (Reik henchmen are better suited for clean pistollier build due to Str skills) or best merc snipers. Can go throwing knives as well, but only low-level and Skaven are better at it. If you go solo merc, choose dual pistols, they are most versitale up to rank 750-1000, then switch to hammer or maul.
You can also go "mega armord kaptin" build where you give him 7 D helmet, Morrs shield with 13 D and 5 Ld and a staff, so your cast chance doesnt drop. 40 CQB defence with 0 penalty, you can cast a sword if you need to, or just go unarmed mastery.

Btw Elves can have 100% cast chance if given holy tomes and a staff. You can troll nicely like that, witch hunter band with only member who is good at casting spells.
Btw Elves can have 100% cast chance if given holy tomes and a staff. You can troll nicely like that, witch hunter band with only member who is good at casting spells.

How do you get to 100%?
- Flight of Zimmerman starts at 50%
- Armor penalty of 25% (you can't remove Ithilmar armour) = down to 25%
- Get to level 4 = 55%
- Equip Holy Tome = 65%
- Equip a Staff (if that is at all possible ; I have yet to see one in the Store of Witch Hunters) = 75%

Am I missing something? An Elf can't learn the skills Sorcery (+10) or Warrior Wizard (half armour penalty).

Does Blessed by Lileath's reroll apply to spellcasting? If so, an Elf can potentially be viable solo. But even then, reserving an inventory slot for an Holy Tome means you can hardly use combat stims (other 3 slots being Lucky Charm, Elven Cloak, Healing Herbs... no Rope because you'll fly, and no Lantern because you're an Elf).


Elves have a 53% chance when you get 4 levels of Flight. If you equip 4 Holy Tomes it gets to 93% and then 103% (100%) when equipping a mage staff.

This works well if the Elf is part of a full warband and also complements the Sword spell nicely. But I wouldn't recommend it if you're doing solo as those 4 bag slots can be used for something better. Imo, solo would need a healing herb as well as other consumables. Trust me, against a good opponent you won't be able to avoid close combat forever also some scenarios you will need to get into close combat.

Perl Fisher

But when your single warrior gets wounded and is unavailable for a mission, you will be forced heal him with fate or to hire a second warrior, since the warband can’t go on missions with zero active warriors.