Wizard 9er's Tips and Tricks


Greetings fellow Wizards,

You are Wizards aren't you? You wouldn't be reading Wizard 9er's tips and tricks if you weren't a Wizard would you? That would simply be unheard of... a not-wizard reading a Wizard's tome, simply unheard of...

To start your Wizarding, you need a Tome of Magic... study guide versions can be purchased in the market for 375 gold crowns. Be sure to alert your Captain or your Wizard that you have purchased one.

Once you have your magic tome, you will then wait until you have gained enough experience to achieve the next level of enlightenment. First equip the magic tome in your inventory before reviewing your personal Academic skills. This will unlock your skill in Arcane Lore.

Once you begin your Lesser Magic training, you can buy magic tomes at any time... 375 gold crowns per book, and once you equip them to read them they will vanish with out having to wait until you achieve the next level of enlightenment like the first time.

You will only need to wait to advance your level of enlightenment if you want a particular spell to go beyond the first circle of magic. Other than that, buying the study guides will get your started, just buy one for each spell until you have the ones you want. Save your enlightenment for other skills like getting better at swinging a sword or shooting a bow...