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    I made a post a few weeks back in News and Announcements about the updated world map and the changes we've made to it, so I was just wondering if it was going alright for everyone?

    The blue center circles are your bunker and the tutorial areas where you'll find Marauders. The only things that attack you here are npcs - your friends can't take this territory from you. As you venture further out on your map, your territory will be challenged by both marauders and other players. This is especially important when considering the nodes in outer maps as they are more vulnerable to counter attacks from enemy players so you need to put more effort into defending them.

    Also, is it obvious that the main objective of Year 0 is to secure your territories and take control of the map? I know that some tutorials are being worked on right now to explain everything I've said further, but how are you all getting on with the new map?

    Are there any problems you've found? How are you finding the player vs player aspect?

    Please let us know! :D

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