Wowee!!! I cannot stop playing this game!!!

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! Great job !!
Its ten times moredhiem and that game is also amazing. I love how big your gang can get!! Remember ti diversify them troops! Don’t just keep your leader in the main battle, spread that exp around! I love the skirmishes, the different game types, the random attacks from other gangs on held territory! INCREASE AMAZING WELL DONE! when you making our real deal 40k game???????? (Because in my opinion only you guys have gotten that GW feel!)


Agree, love this game. Mordheim was great too, but I'm partial to the 40K universe. Good thing this game released during the COVID era where I get to work remotely lol.

Obvisouly still a lot of things to add to this game like other 2 major gangs, genestealer cults, palantine enforcers, more hired guns and psykers, etc. But yes, a 40K mobile skirmish game would also be great...such as a mobile Kill Teams.