Wyrd League - Match results

The League got its first match!!!

It was about time. Dr Strange, the Eshin Sorceror, has tested Warpdust Injections on the Verminkin called RatEye. To great success, as the subject entered the mission with renewed speed and agressivity. But that was not without side effects. Indeed, RatEye suffered from the Tchuck-No-Riss delusional syndrome, and went in combat naked and unarmed, to the great distress of its comrades.

Eventually, The SkAvengers (17 1 1) met and routed, on turn 5, the Iron Squeakers (@Skaven Warlord : 11 0 0) in the Graveyard District. The Rats were all very undisciplined. Neither party even put an ounce of effort into finding the Treasure they were supposed to be looking for. Instead, they've met and fought in the middle. Supposedly, the two Leaders struck a clandestine "gentlerat agreement" to do so. But the SkAvengers were not so gentle. They jumped out of the shadows, drew first blood on their victims, who fell quickly and even ended up injuring one they ganged up on. :)

It wasn't without casualties, but Dr Strange fully recovered from the vicious blow he received.

Result : We got 3 and 2 shards, and I went up to 20 2 2, and opponent achieved 15 1 0.

I've spent some gold to buy stuff (and Fate on Thunderer Hats) and Assassin learned a new skill. But my 2 Verminkins are still pondering on their choice of career, wondering what they'll do with their level up...
Well, game 2 against Flagellant (@Algirdas25 : 7 0 0, rating 16), with my SkAvengers (20 2 2, rating 89). We were hunting shards in the streets of Mordheim when I stumbled upon these cultists. They ran away in fear, to hide in a corner. But we are sssssoooo cunning. We approached with stealth, and eventually the ugly hooded man jumped out of the shadows, almost tripping on us in the process. Per chance, Captain Underica was there to keep us in check, cause we were almost dying of laughter then. Oh, we just punched and kicked until we could mop the floor with their remains. They were just dogs... Underdogs.

EDIT : Bumping my rating higher thanks to the level ups, I got to unlock the Gardens (at 21 3 3, 105 rating). Frankly, I was certain to lose this one vs AI. I had 10 turns to take the position the Reiklanders 120 were defending. I took the time to spread out to loot the map, but this was a mistake. Crossbows have a very long range, and I got one-shot for 8 damage on my way back, and then another for 6 damage while closing in. I had to rush in, took more damage, but succeeded a rout test. Next turn, I did just enough damage to force a rout test on the opponent, which they failed. If not, I would probably have been wiped out on their turn. Bless the great lord Nuffle, I’m now 23 4 4, still undefeated! :)
"We got them, bosssss," Black Ratter says to Captain Underica, as he licks the blood on his claws, totally victorious from the skirmish after wiping out The Flagellant, again (@Algirdas25 : 9 1 0, rating low enough to get an indecently high Underdog bonus, +10 IIRC).

"But, the rumored Treasure, we never found it. We've been played, I ssssay!" Dr Strange not only smelled, but stunk with frustration. His tail twitching furiously to emphasise the point.

"Yeah, we did as you ssssaid thissss time, Cap'. We went here and there, to check every corner as you insssstructed." Iron Rat, second in command, was learning fast. "The Treasure was not there. Oh... What is it that you have there, in your paws?"

Captain Underica was panting hard, but clutching on the famed Treasure Box. While the Assassin was catching his breath, RatEye asked : "You said, 'Don't come back in the middle until you've ssssearched your part thoroughly'. We ssssaw you coming back, then running off again!" Since he got that Warpdust Injection, the Verminkin got cocky. It serves well in combat. The Tchuck-No-Riss delusion seems to pay off, as both he and Black Ratter are now masters at clawing their opponents' face away.

Dr Strange frowned. Well, Skaven don't frown, but they smell frowning. "You haven't been thorough, have you?" It was more a statement than a question, really. No Vermin could hope to trick the Eshin Sorceror. It seems as if The Horned Rat himself is whispering to him.

Captain Underica knew well enough there was nothing to get him out of this dangerous confrontation to his Leadership. Nothing, except one thing... He opened the Treasure Box, and The SkAvengers (23 4 4, rating 108) all gazed, jaw dropping. In the box was the biggest treasure any Warband has ever found in Mordheim. Not 4 or 5 Wyrdstone Shards. Not 6 or 7. The Skaven warriors were looking at 8 amazingly beautiful green pulsing and glowing gems.

Whatever mistake Captain Underica did was instantly forgotten. Victory was total, in the end.
8 shards.jpg
Shame stinks. And Captain Underica is fancy. He despises shame on others, on himself. After the last Treasure Hunt, he was very determined to show more Leadership this time. His contact gave him very good informations, and he knew exactly where to find the Treasure Box. And it was there, filled with Shards (7).

Iron Rat heard a noise, and he was eager for blood. He coaxed the others into hunting the Marienburger that was hiding in the shadows. The SkAvengers (24 5 5, rating 110) found The Exiled (@Shangular : 5 0 0, rating 16) on the other side of a Blunderbuss and behind a teeny weeny mask that was supposed to look fearsome. No matter, RatEye went Tchuck-No-Riss on him, but it was Iron Rat that finished him with a good swing from his mace.

Iron Rat wanted his dose of Warpdust Injection, and came back to the camp with the firm intention to learn the Tchuck-No-Riss, no longer a delusional syndrome, but a new unarmed combat technique (now 25 6 6, rating 126).
Journal of Dr Strange, Sorceror of Clan Eshin, chosen of The Horned Rat amongst The SkAvengers Warband

"That Exiled Marienburger was out for a revenge (@Shangular ; 7 1 0, +10 Underdog bonus). But I would not let him have it against my precious Warband, The SkAvengers (25 6 6, R126). While the others were out looting gold (27) and shards (6), I grabbed the Treasure Box and baited the masked human into a trap. Captain Underica was a bit too confident, and one day it will be his undoing. He and the others almost arrived too late to close the trap upon our victim. The puny human almost killed the second in command, Iron Rat. But I wouldn' t let him have this privilege! No, my dear Horned Rat, no. I would do it myself, mwahahaha! I invoked your Warpfire upon the heathen and burned him alive, along with the Iron Rat. Oh, he will recover. But I won't let stinky humans have their way with my kin. I'll do it myself, thank you."

Check out this screen shot! My Sorceror got 2 kills while fighting a solo Mercenary Captain! :) Indeed, Warpfire got both the ennemy and a kin! LOL :D Thanks @Shangular for the game, and for your patience. I looted an amazing 27 gold on that map, plus 6 shards! And an amazing Verminkin was waiting for me in the Burrows. I thus recruited our 6th member, The Haulk (now at 27 7 7, R138).

We, Skaven, care about you. Oh yessss, we do! Be warned that we’ve seen sign of Undead infestation in the Memorial Gardens! (The Oxley Macabre, 6 0 0, R38). Don’t approach that site! There’s nothing to find anyway. No shards, no Treasures, no nothing! Yessss, nothing there to find, we sssswear... The SkAvengers will guard the site for your own safety. Yessss, we’ll do... *secrete musk of honesty*

I won by leaving with the treasure, but stayed away from the fear causing enemy ; got 6 shards, 1 skill and 15 gold... you guys knew there were gold in those Treasure? I swear I didn’t loot anything on the map. I’m sitting 234 unspent gold right now, with nothing in Store or Burrow that I really need or want.
The Grey Seer was tending Iron Rat’s wounds. « What happened? »

The second in command’s arm will heal all right but, for now, it hurts. « Witch Hunters happened. Remember that gladiator we saw in the Pit the other day? The one with the flail? Well, the Hexenjäger (180) recruited him. He got me all right, in one single swoop. » (12 damage)

« But Captain Underica again led us to victory, and The SkAvengers have expended their territory up to the ruins of the Temple of Morr (unlocked new location vs AI). We’ll return there, eventually. Plenty of shards. Plenty! »

The Grey Seer put the last touch to the bandage. « I’ve heard you fought kin? »

Iron Rat squirts musk of frustration. « Yesss. Kin shouldn’t fight kin. We know. But I swear on the Horned Rat’s horns that we did not provoke them! It all happened yesterday. We were heading back to that spot we discovered the other day, in the Gardens. The Iron Squeakers (@Gengar) jumped on us when they saw us in the shadows! We had to defend ourselves... »

Iron Rat closes his eyes. Remembering walking back in shame to the encampment, carrying the wounded Skaven they’ve themselves injured. Sad memory. But he’s proud of his Captain. Putting his feelings aside, he decided to help their victims, and shared with them their best strategies. Skaven should be helping each others. Yes.

« You heard about the walking dead? » he asks the Grey Seer. « Yessss, » was the Seer’s only response, before leaving the tent.

They’re recruiting. The dead are. A vampire joined that Necromancer, and together they’re preying on the streets of Mordheim. The Oxley Macabre (@Altashhesh) again crossed The SkAvengers this morning. Strong with the additional help of Rat Machine, a green rat in formation, they’ve routed the dead away. But they’ll be back. And Iron Rat knows it : they want them dead, so that they can terrorize the living with the most terrifying walking dead of all : mommyfied SkAvengers.

Iron Rat shudders, unsure if he’s disgusted or tempted by that perspective...


15th June

The Oxley Macabre ran into the rat-men again (SkAvengers) whilst looking for treasure. After a tense build up my Dreg Sotrèe strayed within spotting distance of a the main body of rat-men; at least two had ran off in different directions looking for the treasure. The rats sprayed all manner of missiles towards Sotrèe stunning her but revealing the rats. My vampire, The Knightmare of Oxley, ran in swinging damaging his intended target but not putting him down; this put him on the defensive but high wounds, high WS and a parry kept the vamp in the fight (and the missing rats). The ghouls charged in to help out killing a rat man and putting another down, the rest retreated to regroup. Wolfcouncil, the necromancer, brought the rat-man back to Undeath and sent him after the SkAvenger leader (he finally gets to see what a mummified SkAvengers looks like) whilst the vamp and his Ghouls chased down the retreating rats. So ends the first win against SkAvengers, a grudge was forged this day.
"Deal? We have? Yesss?" The Horned Rat didn't like this situation at all. But Fate has forced his paw. Morr, the God of Death, gazing at the endless sea of souls, considered the offer.

"Agreed. I'll keep his life, you may get his soul." Morr extended a gracious hand, to give The Horned Rat a green raw gem, containing the soul of his protégé.

* * *





Of course, "Shame" was only in Black Ratter's mind. Still, it seems to him that he could hear the word over and over while the servant was ringing the bell that announces the end of class. He had been sent back to the Academy, to learn from Sergeant Terror how to perfect the ways of the Silent Death.

The SkAvengers had been undefeated before that last mission. And they've lost, all because of him. He'd been greedy. That Dredge was stunned, thanks to RatEye's shuriken. It should have been an easy target for his slingshot. And that Vampire was too far away to charge, right? But no, no and no. He'd been all wrong : he missed the target ; he revealed their position ; and The Knightmare was faster than he thought a vampire could be.

Captain Underica was out to the west to grab the Treasure, too far away to be of any help.

Rat Machine was out to the east, coming back after searching that zone for the Treasure. Still, too far away to be of any help.

And Iron Rat was still tending his wounded arm at the encampment.

Four Rats against one Vampire. 4 vs 1. Yes. They were outnumbered.

And Dr Strange died because of his fault. His death had been horrible enough. But seeing the Sorceror rise, zombified, to fight his kin... He won't sleep well for a few moons. Maybe these herbs will help...

* * *

When Dr Strange regained consciousness, his body felt weird. He was standing among the ruins of Mordheim, victorious among the dead, yet defeated as a former living. How could he be standing while unconscious? The voice in his head was clear, and he knew instantly that it was The Horned Rat, talking to him from the Realms of the Gods.

"I'm giving you another chance, Sorceror." How was that? His body felt dead, and he knew from the big wound in his gut that he should be dead. Yet, he felt nothing.

"Yesss. You are dead. And will remain so. But I've given you back your soul, so you could continue on thy quest for my great glory!" Dr Strange's paw instinctively went in his pocket, to feel that big green shard of Warpstone. The most precious of all, for it contained his soul. "You, the Strangest of Doctor, will be my Rat-Lich!"

The people around him were not his kin. They smelled strange. They're The Oxley Macabre gang! Somehow, his body had been manipulated to give the Undead a great victory... after his death. Victorious, yet defeated...

That shadow over there will cover his escape, for his soul was no longer in the Necromancer's control.

* * *

Captain Underica was only too glad to see Dr Strange coming back, somehow alive, from the ruins of Mordheim. A practical rat, he doesn't ask much questions, as long as the job gets done. But that green glow in the Sorceror's pocket catched his eye. "What's in your pocket", the Assassin asks, not knowing he was talking to a Lich.

The immortal Sorceror's claw felt his pocket, and gave a simple answer : "My precioussss...."

"I swear, by The Horned Rat, he did that on purpose!" Black Ratter was not happy. He was determined to do better this time, to not let the team down. "The Treasure was there, just there, maybe 2 or 3 steps away," he tells Captain Underica. The Assassin knows, he saw everything.

"I know, he should have pulled his punch." For a Rat, Captain Underica was a wise one. Indeed, after the Noble Dwarf fell, a strong blow to any other Dwarf would have been enough to make them sound the retreat. And by the Sacred Rules of Mordheim, when a Warband retreats, all untouched Shards and Treasures shall remain that way. Dr Strange chose that moment to invoke an immensely powerful Warpfire on the Clansman that was quivering in fear already.

"Yes, he should have! We won, but won nothing!" Black Ratter's frustration smelled particularly bad. "And it's not just that. Have you seen the way he's looking at us? That green glow in his eyes? He's been sniffing too much Warpdust, that's for sure! I'm telling you, boss : since that encounter with The Oxley Macabre, the Sorceror is not the same! He smells different..."

« It must be something in the air of Mordheim. » The Warband smelled weird, Captain Underica’s nose was itching. A mixture of sadness and satisfaction.

« Yes. For kin to turn against kin... It’s not normal, I ssssay. » Dr Strange was making a show, saying that, obviously. Oh, the words made sense, all right. But he must be using The Horned Rat’s magic to make the statement in an outerworldly voice. To make it more creepy, and with great success. Thinking of it, the Sorceror hasn’t talked much since that encounter with The Oxley Macabre. Now, it gives Captain Underica the chills every time he speaks.

They’ve encountered Clan Bayushi (16 0 0) in the Graveyard. Rat Machine was coming back with the Treasure when he was rushed by an Assassin wielding a Halberd. The recruit had been caught unaware, never knowing kin would turn against kin. Yet, it happened. Come to think of it, the madness of the Shards could be seen in the Skaven’s eyes before he fell to his Shurikens. Could the madness be in his eyes, too? Him, the grand Captain Underica? Certainly he would feel it, if it does. He wouldn’t kill kin for Shards, right?

Seven more. The Shards were adding up in his collection. The rest of the gang wants him to sell the Shards on the market. To buy stuff and cheese. But the green gems look so pretty there. « Get ready, Rats. We’re going Shards hunting... »


* * *

Humans are so slow. Rat Machine’s ego had taken a hit when that Assassin defeated him earlier. But The Horned Rat provided him with great constitution, and he recovered fast. Fast enough to outrun these Witch Hunters. There was just 3 Shards in the sector. Dr Strange and The Haulk already grabbed two for the Captain’s collection. He saw that Zealot within reach of the Shard... oh, he could have slashed his throat and add a trophy to his list. But it would have been too easy. The target wasn’t worthy. Instead, he just ran faster, and Captain called it a Victory.

Just for the record, my already decommissioned Pirates had games against 4 teams since yesterday.
Lost to Alamanni (Witch Hunters).
Lost to brrrraaainsss (Undead).
Lost to The Oxley Macabre (Undead).
Won against The Flagellant (Possessed).

Not my type of Warband. At least, not for a League. I‘ll create another Warband to play the new teams, so they can level up to face The SkAvengers. ;)
« It doesn’t hurt? You should be dead! » Captain Underica was more fascinated than disgusted by the view of Dr Strange’s face. Half of it had bee torn off, the lose skin hanging from the jaw line, exposing the bones.

« I’m fine. I just need a few stitches. » The Sorceror was doing his best to put his face back in place. The rest of the gang saw the blow, saw him fall to the ground. They knew he should never have survived the blow. Yet, he was there, stunned and angry rather than dead. The Haulk and Rat Machine couldn’t stomach his new look. Both were throwing up their lunch.

The mission was going well, until the Knightmare came out of the shadows. They had the Treasure, and should have just run away with it. But opportunity for revenge was there, and they quickly attacked and put out of action The Oxley Macabre’s mages. Both the Warlock and Necromancer fell to their Shurikens and Warpfire. And then, the nightmare of the Knightmare.

Per chance, Captain Underica trained them well for such moments. They all played dead, very convincingly, and eventually, the Undead grabbed their wounded and went on to the Cemetery with the Treasure. Dr Strange had been more than convincing, however. Traumatic flashbacks from his first death to the Vampire paralyzed him, and he couldn’t avoid the huge sword coming at his head, tearing it apart half of it from his face.

« Tell the boys The Horned Rat has chosen me. That death would not take my soul away, for I have the favor of the Gods. Morr, too, seems to like me. »

« Is it true? You’re his Chosen? » Captain Underica couldn’t smell treachery coming from the Sorceror. Indeed, Dr Strange now smelled nothing but rot and decay.

« He chose me. I’m not saying I’m The Chosen. » Because, of course, The Chosen Of The Horned Rat wouldn’t keep dying, repeatedly, saved only by the separation of his soul from his body. Right, my precioussss?