Year 0 future update?


Community Manager
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Year 0 was released a while ago now, and it hasn't had any content updates since its launch. With our focus being primarily on Tactics and now with that being launched we want to give Year 0 a bit of love. We hope to revisit Year 0 and replace the older models and graphics with the same Tactics 3D content. Not only will this make the game look better, but it will link the two together nicely which should be awesome to see. If you've also got any other ideas you think should make it into Year 0 please let us know. We are all up for making Year 0 a much better and capable game but we need our awesome fans.

Ewan Lamont

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We will come back to YO possibly with a PC focused launch with better graphics and released on Steam. There is a lot we have learned in Tactics that we are dying to get into a 2nd version of Y0