Year 0: Tactics released on android for UK!

Discussion in 'Legendary News' started by Overwatch, Jun 15, 2015.

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    The day has come! Finally - UK residents can get their hands on Year 0: Tactics for free on google play. We have targetted a limited release of UK only so when we do release globally the game will be perfect. As with any release, we expect a whole bunch of funny bugs to come back. After ironing all these out we will release worldwide!

    Also - iOS users don't worry, we haven't forgotton about you. We currently have an iOS build in the works so you should be expecting that in the upcoming weeks!

    Thanks for all the testers who have helped us get this far and anyone who has provided us with feedback. If you do download Tactics (please do) be sure to give us a nice 5 star rating on google play :)


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