Year 0 Tactics


After first-hand experience of playing 'Year 0', I had a great opportunity to interact with the game, how to play and the tactics involved. I was then given the opportunity to play 'Year 0 Tactics' recently which is an alternative way to play 'Year 0' through the perspective of the Marauders. This game I believe is the future of the turn based strategy games and I want the community to help the developers.

The game offers new features such as an improved HUD, more engaging combat, smoother game play, a cinematic feel to the game play and most importantly war through the eyes of the Marauders!

At the core of creating new and innovative games are developers aiming to satisfy the wants and demands of end users. The ability to identify a target audience allows developers to create a game geared towards a consumers with a particular gaming interest. Within the gaming industry for example a player using a Nintendo Wii would more than likely have different interests to gamers using high-spec PCs. It is crucial that games developers can identify their target market and once launched a new game receive constructive criticism for continuous improvement.

As gamers, we are the target audience and must therefore come together to provide feedback in order to aid the development of this fantastic alternative to ‘Year 0’. If you are interested in ‘Year 0’ and want to aid the creation of a new game which will set the standard of future online strategic turn based games, please show your interest by commenting on this thread or email the following address asking for the link to the alpha testing.

The Legendary Games team will welcome any feedback regarding the ‘Year 0’ game. If you are able to take notes on the following aspects this would aid the development team considerably:

· Suggestions
· Things you like
· Improvements
· Bugs & Errors

It would be great to have a chat room surrounding this game where the community can get involved with one another and discuss in-game tactics so this thread can be used for any discussions related around the game.

Thank you for time and consideration.