Year 0 update

After the new build, the game has greatly improved. The animations are much smoother and everything in the environment are detailed a lot. I have not come across any bugs/glitches so far but the overall performance of the game has been improved a lot.
While the game has improved like Dilan and Oliver have said I'm honestly still irked on how energy works; I feel that 30 energy to start with could be improved to about 50 in order to give new players more lee-way on what they can do/use.


the new build has greatly improved year 0, it just feels better, i found that it runs smoother and is a lot more fluent especially when moving troops across the battlefield, and the new grid markers on the maps look much better. so overall the gameplay has benefited from this new build as it just looks and feels more fluent.


Overall the new update has greatly improved the year 0 experience, the animations are smoother, the environment feels better and the markers on the ground to indicate points of interest are much more visible and suited to the games design


The update has seemed to made the game run a lot better the animations move smoother, and when my men move across the field they are a lot quicker. Great update Legendary, keep up the good work :)