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"remember that I am an ass, though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am an ass" -Dogsberry, "Much Ado About Nothing"
on the forums, as I see you are the one to turn with lost warband member-problem
a few days ago my warband leader was lost, maybe beacuse new version
what can I do?
Unfortunately the procedure you send me doesn't work. The error message after reload the game is still the same.
Does it means that I have always to play in incognitio web page? (well it's not a great problem, but yes, doing so I cannot remember the password I use for the first time. Can you send me a new one here or at e-mail?)

And thanks a lot for you patience!
Hiya, it does unfortunately mean that you will have to use Incognitio until we can work out what the issue is (I'd recommend using a different browser as that might make things a little easier for you). You should have received an email from letting you know your new password